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French friends

Emily Morrell

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Cameroon

Cameroon When and What In 1961 French Cameroon and British Cameroon merged to form the present day country. In the past Cameroon has been relatively "stable", therefore there are developed agriculture and petroleum industries. The flag of Cameroon is modeled after the flag of France. Green symbolizes hope, red symbolizes unity, and yellow symbolizes happiness. The five pointed star is referred to as the star of unity. People and Numbers Cameroon has a population of 18,879,301 people. The average age is 19 years old, everyone seems so young because of the insanely high mortality rate of HIV/AIDS. Cameroon ranks nineteenth in the world for people living with HIV/AIDS (540,000 people as of 2007), and fifteenth for deaths due to HIV/AIDS (39,000 in 2007). Why Does France Care? In 1884 Germany claimed Cameroon as a protectorate (colony-ish), but after World War One it was divided into French and Brithish zones per the League of Nations Mandate System. In 1960 the French zone was declared a sovereign state, and one year later the British federated with them. Finally, in 1972 an offcial constitution was established. Cameroon has had the same president-Paul Biya-since 1984. A new constitution allowed him to be repeatedly reelected. What's It Like? Cameroon is located in Africa with coastal plains in the southwest, mountains in the west, a plateau in the middle, and plains in the north. Lake Nyos is a crater beside an inactive volcano. Magma underneath the lake leaks carbon dioxide into the water. In 1986 a huge cloud of Carbon dioxide was emitted into the air. As a result 1,800 people and 3,500 livestock were suffocated in the surrounding villages. Economy and Such Even though Cameroon has oil reserves and great agricultural potential, it is still a "developing country". The per capita income has not increased and there is a poor distribution of income. However, recently, bank programs have been implemented to increase investments, trade, etc. The currency of Cameroon is called CFA Francs. their exchange rate is about even with the Euro...obviously that one is worth 500 cfa francs.
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