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Nimbus 2000

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Length:98 cm
Width: 46 cm
Height: 107 cm
Arm Length: 39 cm
Frame: Mostly wood, screws,
some PVC pipe.
Arm: Wood, duct tape,
lemon squeezer
Power: Rope, exercize bands
Decoration: Plastic netting,
spray paint, Plank
By: Tim Reid, Cameron Moran, Andrew Martin, and Cassandra Rojas
Distance | Height
1. 5.02 m | 1.29 m
2. 5.02 m | 1.28 m
3. 5.10 m | 1.30 m
4. 5.17 m | 1.29 m
5. 5.16 m | 1.29 m

Adverage Distance- 5.094m
Adverage Height- 1.29m
Cam's Math Circle
adv distance: 5.094 m
Launch Velocity | Launch Angle
1. 7.04 m/s | 45.63°
2. 7.02 m/s | 45.52°
3. 7.09 m/s | 45.17°
4. 7.14 m/s | 44.77°
5. 7.13 m/s | 44.83°

Adverage Velocity- 7.08 m/s
Adverage Angle- 45.18°
Percent Error- 1.88%

Precision- 5.094 +/- .075

- Our catapult was a little inaccurate because the position of the arm of the catapult was crooked.
-Our catapult was too big
- By ignoring air resistance, our calculations are off.

If we had stayed within the specifications of 1 cubic meter, our catapult would have been better. Also, to make the catapult better in the future, we could have made a better guidance system for the arm.

Although the catapult was bigger than the specifications, our catapult performed very well in precision and accuracy. We were amazed by its performance and were happy about how it came out. This was a very fun project to work on.
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