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Kelp Forest Food Web

No description

Andrea Fragoza

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Kelp Forest Food Web

Kelp Forest Food Web
Nerocystis lutkeana
Red Algae
Green Algae
Pacific Ocean Perch
Sea Anemone
Horse Mussel
Blue Mussel
Oregon Triton
Sea Urchin
Sea Sponge
Giant Pacific Chiton
Irish Lord
Pacific Herring
Dusty Rockfish
Alaskan Pollock
Harbor Seal
Orca Whale
Sea Otter
Stellar Sea Lion
Intro to the Sea Otters
-Sea otters are marine mammals and are one of the few animals known to use tools.
-They are currently dying because whales have been eating them which they usually didn't do in the past.
-Currently studying them is a scientist by the name of Dr. Estes and his crew.
Man Impact
-One of the hypothesis that Dr. Estes made is that people causing global warming is causing the temperature of the ocean to rise. This makes the waters uncomfortable for the fishes and slows down the reproduction rate. Less fish= less marine mammals

Protection Plan and Importance
-The necessity to sea otters is to keep the sea urchin population and fish populations under control. If sea otters weren’t here the sea urchins would eat all the holdfast of the kelp and the kelp would all die which would take the homes away from other sea animals like fish, Jellyfish, Sunfish, and sea anemones.
-To increase their population we would create wildlife reserves for the otters and keep the whales from hunting them in a way that keeps the whale population regular or creating a otter watch program so we can watch the sea otters from a distance and keep them from being hunted so often.
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