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4th Grade Classroom Procedures

Introduction to Classroom Procedures and Expectations for the beginning of the year

mark belli

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of 4th Grade Classroom Procedures

These are the routines we will follow to make sure that our classrooms run efficiently, stays safe, and allows us to learn.
4th Grade Classroom Procedures

1. Be Responsible.
Follow rules.
Take care of personal and school property.
2. Be Respectful.
Treat others in a way that honors God.
Listen with eye contact.
Make positive statements about others and self.
See yourself and others through God's eyes!!
3. Be Ready.
Be on time.
Be prepared with all necessary materials.
Complete assignments on time.
Classroom Expectations
This problem is solved in the following ways:
You can call school to see if I am still here.
You can come to school at 7:00 AM. You must contact me the night before so I'm expecting you (Remind).
What if I forget my homework at school?
As your 4th Grade Teacher I will be available for extra help before or after school by appointment.
Homework Help
When you begin an assignment on lined paper you must write
your name

(first and last) and

the date
on the left side of the paper. In the upper right-hand corner write
your class number, subject, and assignment.
Heading Your Paper
Mr. Belli
When you have completed an assignment in class or brought in a completed homework assignment you will always turn in your work at the turn-in station. Make sure you place your assignment in the correct basket and folder.

Turning In Assignments
Turn-In Station
Homework is very important. We cannot learn without practice. You will write most homework assignments in your planner. They can also be found using Renweb. However, occasionally you may get assignments not listed there. When this happens I will update the assignment page.
Each day we will have a new:
Student Teacher
Classroom Job
Keep your desk & area clean and organized.
Pick up all scraps of trash off the floor.
Everyone's Job

When it is time to transition from one location to another. We will line up based on the directions I give you. The bell never dismisses the class. The teacher does.
Students will line up in alphabetical order.
One square between each student.
Face forward, hands at sides or behind back.
No talking.
Lining Up
- Walk quietly
- Keep hands, feet, and bodies to yourself
- Stay together
- Walk straight to your destination, no stops!
- The class should all arrive at the same time
Your recess time is a bathroom break time!!! During recess you must ask for permission if you are on the playground.
You may NOT ask or go to the bathroom while someone is teaching.
If you have permission, go straight to and from the restroom.
NO talking in the bathroom.
In the case of
an emergency
get up and
to the bathroom.
students who have demonstrated they are responsible will be allowed to go to the bathroom during class.
If you talk, play, or misuse the bathroom ... I will have to do something.
Classroom Library
In the morning you will go straight to the classroom.
Between 7:45 and 7:55 you will enter the classroom.
Politely greet Mr. Belli
Next, head to your desk to and unpack your backpack onto your desk.
Place your backpack and then coat (when it's cold) on your chair (if you have earned your locker you will put them there.)
Go to the bathroom (remember our bathroom procedure)!
Return to class
Turn in your homework.
Sharpen two pencils to use for the day.
Then begin your

Get started as soon as possible!
Morning Procedure
If you complete an assignment or test early, first you must check over your work.
Then you may turn the work in.
Next check your assignment pad for any other work to complete.
Finally you may study for a test/quiz or read independently. ie. Spelling, Memory, Science, Social Studies, notes, ...
What Do I Do If I Finish
My Work Early?
You may select books to read from our classroom library at any time.
These books should remain in the classroom (in your desk or on the bookshelves) at all times unless you have permission to take them out.
If you wish to take a book home to read, you must have permission from Mr. Belli.
The book must be returned to our classroom library as soon as you finish reading it.
Can you think of any other examples?
Group 1
Check around and on top of mailbox.
Put corrected papers in mailboxes.
Clean whiteboard.
Pass out homework folders on Friday (last day of week)
Group 2
Computer and computer table.
Pick up things on the floor.
Straighten student desks.
Group 3
Clean out pencil sharpeners.
Clean and organize class library.
Stack chairs in the front and back of room.
Group Jobs
Mr. B's Turn-In Station is located in the back of the room on top of the counter.
Incomplete Homework
If you do no complete your homework assignment or it is not turned in at 8:10, then you will get to complete it at recess.
Late/incomplete work will be noted in Fast Direct for your parents.
I correct completed work first. Late work will be corrected when I have extra time (sometimes it is weeks before I have extra time).
If you choose to bring a snack it must be a healthy snack.
Ouch or Aghh
If you have a cut/scrape politely ask for a band-aid.
If you do not feel well and think you might throw up, try to get to a garbage can. You can take the can with you to the bathroom.
Sharpening Pencils
Trash vs. Recycling
Everyday you must have 2 sharpened pencils before school begins.
There are two sharpeners in the classroom. Use them both.
This is
an opportunity to talk with friends.
Please put all recyclable materials in the correct containers.
All trash goes into the trash cans.
When you finish your daily preparation and your Board work, you may read a book.
Good Morning!
Raise your hand if you think you know the exact location!
Ch. 2 notes
Safety Procedures
Fire Drill
1. stand up and push in chair.
2. walk to the door and proceed out
the door and turn left.
3. Go down the stairs to the playground.
4. Line up on the 4th grade line in # order.
5. Do not talk.
1. exit class into hallway
2. Go down the stairs to
the 4th grade safety area.
3. kneel next to the wall
4. hands (book) over head
Lock Down

follow Mr. B's
take cover under
desk or table
Time out to practice
filling in planner.
For those who like recess...follow all of the posted rules.
If you would rather not have recess,
stay inside and read a book.

Field trip

Field trip
rules & bathroom
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