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"Beloved" by Toni Morrison

A search through the maze that is "Beloved" by Toni Morrison

Jake Coseo

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of "Beloved" by Toni Morrison

An analysis through it's maze "Beloved"
Toni Morrison Magical Realism
a genre in which the surreal and unnatural are a part of normal, everyday society
stems from point of view
changes in time and setting
Beloved as a character is believable, but not seen as a surreal being
represents the belief that she is a ghost, yet seen as human to Sethe Symbolism Paul D's tobacco can
colors (blue, white, green, red)
rebirth, freedom, and new life
1st, 2nd, and 4th are alive, 3rd was killed
adds to 7 deadly sins/stages of purgaory
gluttony, greed, sloth, pride, lust, wrath, envy
mother's nurtering
exhausted over children
Symbols Biblical Allusions leaves and fish
4 Horseman of the Apocalypse
Lot's wife
Beloved coming out of water
baptized Biblical Allusions Prodigal son
sening Beloved "back to hell"
Jesus' Resurrection
Voice and Narration page 248 - narration from Beloved
page 242 - Denver narrates
page 236 - Sethe narrates
page 117 - "you" spoken directly to audience
page 226 - she/I narration
seamless transitions between narrators ann time changes
last chapter - authorial intrusion

Setting The house - hell
post civil war Ohio
Sweet Home
heat - all people in Purgatory are freed Other Notes Coordinator -
Researchers -
Artist -
Speakers -
Designer - Jacob Coseo Designer - Jacob Coseo Researchers - Marna Kebberly & Holly Sarazin
Artist - Vinh Trinh Speakers - Alex Muir & Kathryn Schaffner
Coordinator - Alexis Kratche Setting Vinh's Art Voice & Narration Setting Overall Message love is risky
enslavement is worse than death
freedom gained in death Eyes
Beloved's are empty
can see through other's
window into the soul/mind
Beloved has no soul
freedom and new life
absence of, life spirals into a "black" state
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