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ENGG 2600A Project

No description

Cheung YM

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of ENGG 2600A Project

Do you realize that everyone around you are playing games on their mobile phones while waiting for a bus?

Have you ever play chess against the computer in solo version? (Such as mahjong, poker or any chess)
Table of Content
History of A.I.
Applications of A.I. and its' benefits
Nowadays limitations of A.I.
Problems to the society brought by A.I.
Q&A / Further Discussion
Introduction -
Why we choose this topic?
A.I. products can be found easily around our society
Introduction -
What is A.I. ?
How does A.I. bring happiness to our society?
ENGG 2600A Project
Cheung Yin Man (1155034983)
Yung Man Lee (1155032377)
Leung Ho Yan (1155032370)
Yeung Hoi Yu (1155034557)

They are acting an important role nowadays
Will this technology bring disasters to our world?
We cannot truly predict how the future looks like but until now, we trust that A.I. brings happiness to the society more than sadness.
intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator

an application for Apple Inc.'s iOS

It can answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Web service
Is an A.I. system which capable to play chess autonomously without human guidance to its opponent.
Acts as an entertainment system
Allow players to practice and to better themselves
Not require strong human opponents available
Provide insights into human cognition

In 1989, International Chess Master David Levy was defeated by the computer Deep Thought in an exhibition match.

In May 1997, an updated version of IBM's Deep Blue defeated world champion Garry Kasparov 3½–2½ using regular time controls.
Introduction of google glass
History of A.I.
Artificial intelligence
The theory and development of computer systems able to
perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence
(Oxford Dictionary)
Applications of A.I. and its' benefits
Computer Chess
Google Glass
visual perception
speech recognition
translation between languages
Main tools used in A.I.
Mathematical optimization
Many others
Geographic limitations
In Siri's original release its functionality was limited in most countries, with maps and local search with help only being available within the United States.
Is there any limitations of A.I. ??
We may discuss this in our later part of the presentation.
How does Siri bring happiness to our society?
Computer Chess
Computer Chess
Computer Chess
Current chess engines are able to defeat the strongest human players under normal conditions
It is still uncertain whether computation could solve chess completely
Human and computer chess matches
Have you ever
heard about Siri??
How does computer chess brings happiness to the society?
Provide entertainment for the public to play against with and challenge themselves

Save time and space for finding location and material to start a game, now just require a mobile device

Act as a strong opponent and provide various difficulties for game player to choose for

Make chess game available to play anywhere at anytime for modern people, merge in our daily life
Imagine you are Iron Man

Brings Iron Man come to real life

Google Glass
A simple glass start with:

“ok glass”

Optical Head-mounted display
Displays information in a smartphone-like
hands-free format
Can communicate with the Internet via

Why it is A.I.?
It can perform
speech recognition
motion perception
translation between languages
determine faces and moods

How does smart glass brings happiness to the society?

Record your best moment immediately
keep the happiness forever
A new way to play games
Facilitate your daily life
help you to solve your problems
Your soul mate
know your mood and make you happy




“make a call to...”

“Get Direction”

“Get Direction”

Translate your voice

Google Glass App to check emotion!

Your helping hand in your work

Or any things you can think of...
Watch video in a boring meeting
Capture the embarrassing moment
of your friends immediately

1950s - "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" by the British Mathematician Alan Turing
1963 - "The Dartmouth Summer research Project on Artificial Intelligence", organized by John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky
1976 - Physical Symbol Systems Hypothesis, by Newell and Simon
Until now, there are still many engineers working on A.I. !!!
What exactly Siri can do?
choose a movie
find a restaurant
launch an app
send a text, email, tweet
check the weather, score
schedule meetings
get directions
set alarm, timer
Let's take an example~
Help disabled people access high technology easily
Help disabled people integrate into the society easily.
visually impaired +
impaired physical and motor skills
Nowadays limitations of A.I.
Cannot exactly simulate human's mind
Uncertain whether A.I. could solve problem completely
Some applications of A.I. may be limited by the Internet connection, databases information or other technical problems
Problems to the society brought by A.I.
Specialized artificial intelligence applications will result in
significant unemployment
(Martin Ford,author of "The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future")
AI research
devalues human life
( Joseph Weizenbaum,American computer scientist)
Help disabled people
Entertain human
Construct a simper and better life
Train communication skills
Lead to
significant unemployment
Devalues human life
Whether A.I. brings
happiness or sadness to our society??
It should depend on how human use it.
If we can use it in a smart way, we can construct a better world!!
1. Wikipedia, “Computer Chess” ,Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia. Source location: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_Chess Accessed: March 29, 2014.

2. AITopics, “Chess” , AITopics - AITopics.org.
Source location: http://aitopics.org/topic/chess
Accessed: March 29, 2014.




Q & A / Further Discussion
Do you think that A.I. can bring happiness to the society?
Do you know other A.I. applications?
AI technology use in game industry - Virtual Lover

Romantic stimulation games are video games with romantic elements.

By making choices, player can build a close relationship between characters.

As the technology of AI is improving day by day, the stimulations of the characters can be very close to a human.
Introduction of LovePlus
A famous romantic stimulation game, named “Love Plus” series
Besides, by choices and interactions, the characters can define player’s avor and change her style.
Moreover, there are thousands of events which player can experience a joyful life with his “virtual girlfriend”.
Introduction of LovePlus
The use of AI technology makes “Love Plus” series become a big hit in Japan since it put on sale on 3 September 2009 and sold 210 thousands till 10 February 2010.
How does LovePlus bring happiness to the society?
The stimulation of Love in Love Plus brings the first “virtual marriage” in Japan.

Must connected to Internet

Battery can only last for 1 day
Cannot use with visual disease

Not all languages supported
(e.g. Dialect or accent )

Although it is controversial to say if it is “true love”, the technology still brings satisfaction to the one who cannot make couples in real life.
How does LovePlus bring happiness to the society?
The marriage between human and virtual character shows the success in AI technology stimulating “Love”.
A player called Sal 9000 fell in love with Nene Anegasaki, one of the characters in Love Plus, and decided to marry her in November 2009.
The ceremony was witnessed by 2000 netizens on “Nico Nico Douga”, a broadcast site in Japan.
However it is also work with
prescription lenses / contact lenses
Need to have Wifi signal or data plan
Touch the character with touch screens
Talk to her with microphones
Use camera to recognize player’s face features
the characters can recognize her “boyfriend’s face”
introduce herself to new meet people.
The game has many features.
one of the games that use lots of AI technology to stimulate “Human Love”.
A.I. is embedded in many game systems and act as a virtual opponent towards us.

One of the approach is applying minimax algorithm in game theory.

At each step, computer assumes that player A is trying to maximize the chances of A winning.

While on the next turn player B is trying to minimize the chances of A winning.

The minimax strategy helps find the best move, by working backwards from the end of the game and analyze the probability of winning.

How does the system works?
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