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Tay-SAchs Powerpoint!!!

No description

Ryan Granahan

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Tay-SAchs Powerpoint!!!

Diagnosis People with tay-sachs can be diagnosed beacause they have a red spot on the back of their eyes.

There can also be a genetic test to determine wether your ancestors were carriers and could have passed it on to you. Tay-Sachs is a disease in the nervous system.
People with Tay-Sachs don't have a protein that is needed to break down gangliosides.
Without the protein gangliosides build up in cells
This disease most commonly effects the Ashkenazi Jewish population Symptoms Deafness
Loss of muscle strength
Delayed mental and social skills
Loss of motor skills
Slow Growth Tay-Sachs disease By: Ryan D Granahan The Main Idea Most people with Tay-Sachs die at age 5 Symptoms starts showing when the baby is 6 months old How You Get Tay-Sachs No cure for Tay-Sachs Tay-Sachs is inherited
You cant catch it
Passed on through generations
Children contract the disease before their born Interesting Facts 1 in every 25 Ashkenazi Jewish people get the disease
The worlds first test-tube baby had Tay-Sachs
Children loose their ability to smile if they have Tay-Sachs
The longest living survivor of Tay-Sachs was only 8 years old
The name Tay-Sachs came from 2 scientists, Warren Tay and Bernard Sachs THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!
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