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Disaster Preparedness 2013

No description

Karl Diaz

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Disaster Preparedness 2013

By: Karl Diaz
Period 3
What is a Disaster?
A Disaster is a sudden event that causes a destruction to things around it. Disaster appears in three forms: Natural, Technological, and Terrorism.
Examples of Natural Disasters
Lightning Storms
Volcanic Eruptions
Examples of Technological Disasters:
Mine Explosion
Example of Terrorism:
Why do you need to be prepared?
Being prepared would lessen the chance of getting hurt in a disaster.
When should you be prepared?
What do you expect after a major disaster?
After a major disaster, be aware of aftermath disaster such as an after-shock.
Also be prepared for a 3-day survival and watch out for public looters.
How do you prepare for the future disasters?
Have a B.O.B (Bug Out Bag) ready in places easy to reach incase of a sudden disaster.
Also prepare a 72-hour kit
A 72-hour kit should include...
Car Keys
Hygiene supplies
Photos of love ones (just in case you don't see them)
And more...
What is an emergency plan?
An emergency plan is a plan *every* family should have. It draws out what your family will do in times of emergency.
Tornadoes are violent winds, moving in a cone-shaped path.
Lightning Storms are simply storms with lightning and thunder.
Volcanic Eruptions happens when a volcano erupts.
An Explosion is when something gets destroyed causing it to blow apart.
A mine explosion is an explosion that includes mining minerals.
A pollution is something that causes harm to the environment.
Terrorism is when someone does something to hurt another or many people, intentionally. Most terrorism occur because of political views.
To prepare for future disasters, lay out B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag) in places, easy to reach. Also have a 72-hour kit ready for a three-day survival.
Also expect many destruction to your properties and watch out for public looters.
B.O.B - (Bug Out Bag) An emergency bag to grab in a rush.
Evacuate- to escape to a safer place.
Looter- Someone who gets things from people who fled the area.
Rendezvous Point- (Ron*Deh*Voo) A meeting place
Brown out- A partial blackout
Blackout- An electricity outage
So remember...
Being prepared in times of disasters will save your life.
The End
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