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on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Creativity

Creativity in Arts-related jobs Creativity in Science-related jobs Graphic Design Photography Hair Styling (introduce new, doable and interesting hairstyles) Inventing Creative Writing (ex.novel writing, scriptwriting, songwriting etc. Filmmaking/ Directing Creativity is the ability to create meaningful and new ideas, methods and and interpretations. ...and a lot more. Architecting Teaching Science
(ex. professors, science teachers) Videogame programming The skill works by helping people communicate ideas to others in new and different ways. Why it is really important to have creative skills: The value of creativity has increased more during this rapidly evolving time period.
When looking for a job, along with people skills, creativity is certainly needed to have an advantage over others.
People need creative problem-solving skills, as well as be able to generate new, meaningful ideas. (Filming from different angles, adding effects etc.) (Capturing different points of view) (Make ads/posters look appealing) Applying Creativity to your life You use creative skills whenever you brainstorm. (When you brainstorm, you come up with different ideas) How to practice being creative Love What You Are Doing! Practice Every Day Take a Different View Doodle and Daydream Change your routine. Do things a different way. (ex. walking a different route to school, listen to different kinds of music) Be open to ideas when they are still new: look for ways of making things work and pushing the idea to its limits. Learn from what has not worked as well as what did. Inspiration can strike at any time! Ideas can also slip away very easily.
Keep a small notebook to hand so you can jot down your ideas straight away. Ask Questions
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