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Biography Of Elle Varner

By Jazmine Herma

Joia Herman

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Biography Of Elle Varner

By: Jazmine Herman Biography of Elle Varner Elle Varner was born in Las Angeles, California on February 12,1989 at 8:59A.M. Mikelyn Roderick and Jimmy Varner. Her parents were both published songwriters, she spent most of her childhood sleeping on studio couches, running around green rooms, and watching her parents struggle to make a name in the industry. Elle was singing as soon as she could speak, playing the flute at 6 and the piano at 9. But it wasn’t until her attendance at AGC (Amazing Grace Conservatory) that her ear for harmony, melody and complex rhythm truly developed.

At age 16, Elle picked up the bat for the first time. Frustrated that she wasn’t instantly as good as Hendrix, she dropped the guitar and became a part of The Hamilton Academy of Music’s Vocal Jazz Group. Once there, she learned about the complexity of the voice, jazz music and talented jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald. Elle was surprised to discover that she had been chosen to be a part of The Grammy in the Schools Mentoring Program. Through this program she was taken weekly to the Fox Studio, where she met with mentor Kelly Burgos, and President of Fox Music, Robert Kraft. MLA Work CIted Varner,Elle. ""Meet Elle"." Elle Varner. undefined. 2012 Sony Music Entertainment. 25, October 2012. <http://www.ellevarner.com/biography> Elle hesitantly applied to NYU with her C average and was surprisingly accepted. Not only did she get in, but also she was admitted into the second class of the Clive Davis Program of Recorded Music. Upon graduating, she was awarded “most likely to get signed” and “most likely to win a Grammy.” Four years later she finds herself a well-rounded and cultured singer-songwriter.
Elle Varner is signed to MBK/J Records. She was one of the artists featured in BET’s Music Matters campaign. She is one of TheBoomBox’s ’15 Artists to Watch’. Elle varner soon came out with her debut album Perfectly Imperfect. Even though, she is only 23 years old her content boasts the soul of a much wiser woman as she wears her insecurities as an accessory to her persona. This album has shown many woman that even though they have imperfections, that each flaw makes them all the more perfect and beautiful.
A hit from her perfectly imperfect album
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