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The Phantom of the Opera for Idiots

A quick guide to the Phantom of the Opera, so you won't look stupid.

Elizabeth Bergmann

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of The Phantom of the Opera for Idiots

Phantom of the Opera The Complete Guide to Broadway's Longest Running Musical So what is Phantom of the Opera? "Phantom" is a musical that takes place in 19th century Paris, and follows a young soprano who has a mysterious man who lives in the basement fall for her. However, her childhood sweetheart comes back, and things get kind of complicated. Who are the characters? Well, there are many. A simple guide would be: Christine: The young, new soprano at the Opera Populaire.
Phantom: The mysterious figure that live sbeneath the opera house.
Raoul: A count, Christine's childhood sweetheart.
Monseur Firmin: One of the owners of the opera house.
Monseur Andre: The other owner.
La Carlotta: The prima donna that Christine replaces.
Piangi: Lead male at the opera house.
Josef Bouke: The man who works the ropes onstage.
Meg Giry: Ballerina, Christine's best friend.
Madame Giry: Meg's mom, ballet instructor, knows things about Phantom. What happens? Well, a lot of things. A few steps to describe could be: Carlotta quits. Chirstine gets big break. Phantom kidnaps Christine for a while. People learn of the Phantom. Christine sees Phantom's face. She returns. Phantom wrecks chandelier after Christine and Raoul get engaged.
Phantom crashes masquerade. He gives them opera and tells them to perform. Tons of singing and drama. Phantom kidnaps Christine again. Raoul follows. Christine chooses Phantom to save Raoul. Phantom lets them go free, and escapes, never to be seen again. Why should I care? Phantom is one of the greatest musicals ever. Someone may ask you about it someday. Be prepared.
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