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Maybe One Day : Melissa Kantor

No description

Mackenzi Veilleux

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Maybe One Day : Melissa Kantor

The setting of the book is present day Manhattan, New York and Wasmasset New Jersey.
Main Character (protagonist)
The main character in "Maybe One Day" is Olivia, who is a junior in high school that spends all her free time dancing.
You are introduced to Zoe and Olivia, you learn that they are best friends that both love dancing because they dance for a major company in New York.
Point Of View
The point of view in my book was 1st person, Narrated by Olivia's best friend Zoe.
Maybe One Day : Melissa Kantor
Direct Characterization
"My voice got squeaky and I knew I was about
cry" pg #283
Indirect Characterization
"She glared at me but it was somehow a self
conscious glare" pg #269
Rising Action
Olivia and Zoe are cut from the dance company and Olivia is diagnosed with leukemia and has to do chemo to cure her, after 4 treatments Olivia's cancer progresses more and more.

Olivia gets her test results back for her blood tests and the chemo can't help her anymore so she has to get a bone marrow transplant.
Falling Action
The bone marrow transplant doesn't help Olivia so they have to put her on a medicine that has a lot of risks but her parents decide to put it on her anyways, but while she is in the hospital she has to not take it anymore because her lungs couldn't handle it and she couldn't breath without her heart being unstable.
There is nothing anyone else can do for Olivia so they discharge her and bring her home and she passes away.
I chose person v. nature because the doctors couldn't find a cure and she died.
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