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Operating System

Computer Techonology

Madav Kumar Anburaj

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Operating System

Create assignment - I am going to show the difference and explain about three operating systems
Operating System
Comparing Operating systems
As we all know the
system which more popular now in the smart phones is made by
Linux Kernel
.Comparing to those days the Linux technology has improved a lot today.Graphical User Interference (GUI) differ in various versions of the Linux OS.They use it for different purposes and many countries use it for Studies,Commercial work etc.
It cost's 0$ to bu Linux.We all can download it for free from Internet.
MAC operating system in laptops was fist released in 2002 till the OS was installed onlyon the desktop computers. From the year 2001 the OSX was preloaded on every products that Apple releases.
It always differ in the GUI for each versions.Those are the some background of the differnt versions in the Mac OS.It cost's $29.97
Windows was installed for personal computers and also for commercial purposes. The latest versions have many new features such as user logon, and new design in the GUI.
Windows - Continued
Those are the some of the latest desktop screens. It costs $199.99
Linux is an Operating system which was released in 1991.This was developed for Intel computers which was a free operating system.Linux is also called
Linux Kernel. Ubuntu, Mint,and fedora
are bunch of softwares which supports Linux to work.

The above combinations were released on 20-10-2004
Windows is an OS from Microsoft. The latest version is windows 8.1 released in 2013. The first version was launched in 1985. This OS was installed in most of the computers. The earlier versions were windows 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 etc. Windows later launched Windows 9X versions which was more popular in all computers.
Microsoft Windows
continue Of windows
Mac - Continued
Mac - Continued
Linux - Continued
Linux - Continued
MadavKumar Anburaj
I conclude that for user friendly and compatibility Windows is the best.For Safe and security Mac is best.

Linux Mac Windows
Not easy to operate
Easy To operate
Easy to operate
Virus can Attack
Virus Can't attach
Virus Can attach
useability is less
Useability is only
on Macs
Useability in more
It is free to buy
Expensive to buy as it has to purched with the product
Affordable to buy, can be purchased seperately
Mac has an operating system called OSX from Apple computers.The X means the number 10 in Italian and OSX is the 10th versions of Mac OS.The earlier names were Leopard,Snow leopard,Lion etc.The fist release of Mac OS was in 1990.
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