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IT Project

No description

Amira Anuar

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of IT Project

New P New Processors Evolution of Smartphones 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c What makes your phone smart? Case 3: Smart phones Application of Overview:
History of Smartphones
Smartphones vs PCs
Future of Smartphones 1993
The Simon Introduction Smartphone Applications Social-Networking and Communication Entertainment Information-Based Service Business Core-Functionality Social-Networking and Communication Integration of Smartphones and Apps into Business Maintaining Relationships with Customers Payment Methods Reinforcing the Brand Data Collection Mobile Sales Register with Apple as a developer Access to
Apple's sample code
Technical videos and guides
Xcode and tools
Developer forums
References Submit created app to the App Store Develop App using Xcode
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Use the iOS Provisioning Portal How to Create an App Knowledge of Objective-C
Language used by most iOS developers
The Objective-C model of object-oriented programming is based on message passing to object instances.
Sending the message 'method' to the object pointed to by 'obj' requires following code: [obj method:argument]; Information Architecture Interaction Design Visual Design Smartphones and Personal Computers What Critics Are Saying Calender
Note pad
Sketch pad
Pagar Features Talk time – 30 mins Weight – 0.5kg Operating System – Zaurus
OS RAM – 1 MB Processor – 16 MHz 1996

Nokia Communicator 9000 Features Fax
Wireless imaging 
Smart messaging
Web Browser Talk time – 3 Hours Weight – 0.4kg Operating System – GEOS RAM – 4 MB Processor – 33 MHz 1997
Ericsson GS88 Operating System – Zaurus
OS Ericsson R380 2000 Features Voice control Seamless syncing
to Microsoft Office IR Modem On-line banking   Talk time – 4 Hours Weight – 0.2kg Operating System – Symbian
GEOS RAM – 2 MB Processor – 37 MHz 2001
Kyocera 6035 Features Voice Dialling High-speed Data Services of 3G Read E-books Multiple Wireless Web access Talk time – 5 Hours Weight – 0.2kg Operating System – Palm OS RAM – 8 MB Processor – 20 MHz 2003
Treo 600 Talk time – 5 Hours Weight – 0.2kg Operating System – Palm OS RAM – 8 MB Processor – 20 MHz Features Java enabled SD/SDIO/MMC slot color screen VGA camera 1.04 billion users as at Q3 2012 Globally : 712.6 million shipped globally Singapore 7.8 million Mobile Subscriptions 88% Smartphone penetration 25 - 39 year olds 55 and above 88% Social-Networking
Over-the-top communication “One of the most interesting facts that was pointed out was how a third of Nvidia’s revenue now comes from selling chips that aren’t for traditional PCs. In the last year, the number of tablets shipped using Nvidia chips, like the Tegra 3, have doubled. “ “Traditional computers are far from dead. PC and server CPUs are estimated to pull in a combined $41 billion in 2012. In comparison, mobile chips will likely in the $5 billion range. It’s quite clear that mobile devices are growing at an incredible pace, so the once dominant PC market is taking the back seat.” Why is the PC staying strong despite increased use of Smartphones? Smartphones' Current Limitations
Limited processing power
Limited battery power
Screen and keyboard
Inability to run some applications Changes in Smartphone Technology Docking Redesigned
Power Amplifiers Entertainment Games Reading Music Videos Business Document management
Financial transaction
Relationship management
Business promotion
E-Commerce Information-Base Service News, weather, Object recognition Location-base service Core Functionality etc... Camera Calender Browsers Whatsapp Group-chat
Upload unlimited image, video and audio messages
no cost
10b messages per day and still on rise Operating System Open source operating system
Latest Version: Jelly Bean
675,000 Apps in Google Play
Used in Samsung, HTC, and etc Advantages Customise multiple homescreens with widgets and apps
Centralised notification
Multitask, widgets, tethering and Adobe Flash support Disadvantages Unstable and prone to crashes
Apps can be exploited by hackers or viral infections
Poor battery consumption life Proprietary software
Latest Version: iOS 6.1.1
700,000 apps in the App Store
Cloud Storage: iCloud
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Proprietary software
Latest Version: Windows Phone 8
125,000 Apps in Windows Phone Store
Cloud Storage: Microsoft Skydrive User Interface Limitations Based on an operating system that allows it to run its applications Applications Smartphones have the ability to do more than the usual phone as it has more software
Create, edit documents
Edit photos WEB ACCESS
3G/4G QWERTY KEYBOARD TYPES JUST LIKE A COMPUTER. HARDWARE IN YOUR SMARTPHONE New Processors Docking Solves screen and keyboard limitations
Can connect to HD monitor/HD TV for large screen viewing Example: Motorola Atrix 4G New Processors NVIDIA's Tegra 4i
2.3 GHz quad-core CPU
integrated NVIDIA’s i500 LTE modem

Samsung's Exynos 5 Octa
2 quad-core CPUs Redesigned Power Amplifiers Power amplifiers waste 65% of handsets' power
Eta Devices redesigned the power amplifier using a technology called asymmetric multilevel outphasing
Minimum voltage chosen to maintain a connection, ensuring efficiency
Batteries burn out less quickly Applications processors Nand Flash Memory - Computer storage that can be electrically erased or reprogrammed
-For general storage and transfer of data-Cost: $20-22 Display Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays -Screen
-Vary in display size and display resolution
- $18-20 Holographic Displays Screens
Vary in display size and display resolution
Cost: $18-20 -Dual-core processors
-Runs the operating system and delivers the capabilities of a smart phone that enables it to run applications.
-memory management, graphics processing and multimedia decoding
Cost: $15-17 DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) -A type of RAM that is smaller and denser
-Stores memory in integrated circuit (microchip)
-Allow stored data to be accessed quickly but not in random
-Cost: $8-10 Baseband Processor - A chip in a network interface that manages all the radio functions (all functions that require an antenna) of a phone.
- Cellular modem
- Separated from main processor
- Cost: $10-13 Camera Module -Image sensor integrated with control electronic
-Image sensor converts optical image to electronic signal
-Cost: $9-10 Touch Panel -Multi-touch user interface
-Occurs via an ASIC sensor attached to the touch surface
-Asic is Application-specific integrated circuit
-$7-11 Metro interface
Live tiles with real updates
Ability to expand and resize widgets
Wallet hub Unable to customise
Lack of Adobe flash Support and multitask
Limited apps available
No notification centre Features Most user-friendly interface
Centralised notification
Ability to multitask, copy-paste, folders
Lack of Adobe Flash Support, file manager and customisation of SMARTPHONES The FUTURE What is Whatsapp messenger?
-Proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging app.
- What can you send?
- Text messaging
- Images
- Video
- audio media messages.
Available for:
- Android
- BlackBerry OS
- iOS
- Series 40
- Symbian (S60)
- Windows Phone Technical Specifics of WhatsApp

- Uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

- Messages are encrypted in the "latest version" of the WhatsApp software for iOS and Android without specifying the implemented cryptographic method What happens when you install Whatsapp?

-Creates user account using your phone number as a username
- WhatsApp software compares all phone numbers from the device's address book with its central database of its users
- Then it add contacts to the users WhatsApp contact list.
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