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Care of Nature

No description

Felipe García

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Care of Nature

Care of Nature
7. Do not contaminate rivers , lakes, ponds , and all kinds of water source
8. helps clean green areas
9. helps maintain clean forests and green areas
10. care for animals in danger of extinction
11. care for our pets they are also part of nature
12 .no shedding gases that produce the greenhouse effect

Environmental pollution is one of the problems that
He is suffering the world today. Air, water, flora and fauna , among other natural resources , are undergoing dramatic changes as a result of the negligent and irresponsible human intervention on the planet.
Here are some causes of environmental pollution :
Factories fired heavy smoke that pollutes the air we breathe.
Overpopulation is destroying the green areas , the excessive use of agricultural land and forests not allow oxygenation of the environment.
The vehicles also fired carbon dioxide that pollutes the air .
What care we must have with nature?
1. not to waste water.
2. recycle wastes respectively
3. not cutting down trees
4. planting trees and flowers to populate our environment
5. not to damage the flowers
6. correctly uses water only when necessary

Care for nature , not waste resources gives us the planet earth to live , take care and help , these resources are not for simpre , and do not know when and at what point come to an end
This in you and every one of us.
Take care of him!
By Felipe Garcia
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