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Convicts, Slaves and Migrants timeline

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Rachel Beattie

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Convicts, Slaves and Migrants timeline

Convicts, Slaves and Migrants timeline
Slave trade became widespread in Europe.
Slave trade became widespread in America
America becomes independent from England.
By Rachel 8B
Historians think that about 12 million africans were transported to Europe as slaves. And it wasn't just Africans either. Local Amerindian people were also forced into slavery but at lot of them died because of disease so Africans became the main slaves.
Now all of America is in the slave trading business.History Records say that approximately 900,000 africans were bought over to America to become slaves and laborers.
Captain Cook (English explorer) comes to Australia.
James Cook (1728-1779) was a father of 6 children, british explorer, navigator, cartographer and captain of the royal navy. He enlisted many journey's across to new lands, one of which was Australia. He arrived in Sydney, stingray bay (now known as botany bay) on the 19th of April. Because of his arrival, this soon led to convicts coming from Cook's ship and other lands.
America used to be apart of England because it was colonized by the English. In 1776, the 4th of July, America declared its independence becoming the united states of America (now known as independence day). This occurred for many reasons but one of them was for taxes. The English taxed America a lot of money, by becoming an individual country, the taxing stopped.
The English sent the first convicts to Australia.
British ships and fleets arrive in Sydney with 162,000 convicts. Australia was chosen for a new british colony. Instead of using slaves for labour, they chose to use Convicts, as it was cheaper, and they were already there.
Abolition (the end) of slavery in England
On the 1st of August 1833, slavery was officially abolished in the british empire. This was very difficult as 3 days before, English politician William Wilberforce died. While America still continued with the using of slaves, England strayed from the rest and quit using slaves. They finally relized it was wrong and actually paid a compensation up to 20 million (euro).
Widespread migration from Europe and America began.
Between 1831 and 1849, the American migration average quadrupled to more than 599,000. This included 207,000 irish people! They migrated mainly because of famine (the great potato famine). There was a lot of different nationality's in America and Europe too. This was mainly due to poverty disease and the famine.
Gold rush in Australia. Thousands of migrants come to Australia
In 1851, Edward Hargraves discovered the first ever piece of gold. He had just returned form the California gold fields when stumbled upon a piece of gold in a wishing well. Once he reported his findings, the rush for gold was on. Everyone was looking for gold, Australia wide. When Victoria found the first piece of gold within 200 miles of Melbourne, there was a $200 reward. This lead to lot's of gold being found at Ballarat. In 1852 alone, 370,000 migrants came from over seas to try and get a handful of gold. These, and many other people then became diggers.
Abolition of slavery in United States of America
USA, following England's example (after 33 years) decides to stop using slavery altogether! This is all thanks to Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). He was 16th president for the United states. President Lincoln demanded that 3 million out of 4 million slaves were o be set free. Emincipation Proclaimation was what freed all slaves in areas of rebellion.
Australia celebrates Federation
Federation is when the 6 states (Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales) became one big nation; Australia. This all happened on the 1st of January, 1901. This was done by Sir Edmund Barton (1849-1920). He was elected Prime minister in 1901 by all of Australia.
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