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Me & my country

No description

Aleksandra Szczepanek

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Me & my country

Aleksandra Szczepanek
Me and my country


Czech Republic

Officially -
the Republic of Poland
The total area is 120,726 sq mi (2,2 times smaller than Texas)
largest country in the world and the
largest in Europe

Population of over
38 million
people - the 34th most populous country in the world

Density - 320 /sq mi (TX 98/sq mi)

Capital city - Warszawa (Warsaw) 1 700 000
Language - polish
Government - Parliamentary republic

A Member of the Eropean Union (2004) and NATO
prime minister DONALD TUSK
plenary hall of polish govenrment
Currency - Polish zloty PLN (polski złoty)
1 USD = 3.35 PLN
1 EUR = 4.11 PLN
992 - Kingdom of Poland
Humans arrived in Poland in prehistoric times and the history of Poland began with them.
8th centrury BC
Biskupin is an archaeological site and a life-size model of an Iron Age fortified settlement
996 - A Piast named Mieszko I became a Christian and his people followed ( Christianisation)
10th century- Poland was ruled by a dynasty called the Piasts
As time progressed Poland went through several phases and many Polish monarchies came here.
The 1569 Union of Lublin established the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
In 17th century Poland struggled with Ukrainian Cossacks and Russians in a war against the Poles. In 1655 the Swedes invaded Poland and overran most of it. The Poles rallied and the war with Sweden ended.

However the wars left Poland devastated. Apart from the material damage a large part of the Polish population was killed.
The Polish Hussars - widely regarded as the most powerful cavalry formation in the world. Polish Hussars were undefeated in battle for over 100 years.
The three Polish partitions (in 1772, 1793 and 1795) put an end to attempts to reform the state. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ceased to exist, and its territories were divided between Russia, Prussia and Austria.
Duchy of Warsaw was founded by Napoleon in 1807, independent,it was related to Napleon's France. Full independence of Poland was regained in 1918, after World War I.
Poland regained its independence as the Second Polish Republic.
Chief of State Marshal Józef Piłlsudski
Nazi Germany and Soviet Union attacked Poland from two sides and divided the country into Nazi and Soviet-controlled zones. Poland suffered heavy destruction at the hands of their occupiers. Thousands of them were slaughtered or sent to torture camps.Polish Jews were exterminated.
Altogether about
3 million
Poles and
3 milion Polish Jews
were murdered.
Poles represent the largest number of people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. Millions of ordinary Poles at great risk to themselves and their families engaged in rescuing Jews (450,000) from the Nazi Germans.
During the war, German forces, under direct order from Adolf Hitler, set up six major extermination camps, all of which were established on Polish territory; these included both the notorious Treblinka and Auschwitz camps. Among people who were transported there were Polish intelligentsia, communists, Roma peoples and Soviet Prisoners of War.
It is estimated that in Auschwitz-Birkenau 1,1 million people were killed
(other sources - 4 milion)
The soil of Treblinka conceals the ashes of over 800 thousand people, victims of Nazism from 10 European countries
Poland lost the highest percentage of its citizens: over 6 million perished nearly one-fifth of Poland's population; half of them Polish Jews. Over 90% of deaths were non-military in nature.
Many cities were destroyed, including almost all of Warsaw.
Capital has estimated its destruction under Nazi occupation for more than 45 billion dollars. Damage to property in all Poland amounted to 16.9 billion dollars. 2/5 Polish cultural property has been completely destroyed.

Independent Self-governing Trade Union "Solidarity" - a trade union federation that emerged on 31 August 1980 at the Gdańsk Shipyard under the leadership of Lech Wałęsa.It was formed by workers and soon became a mass movement.
Famous Poles
Frédéric Chopin
Nicolaus Copernicus
Marie Skodowska-Curie
Pope John Paul II
Lech Walesa
The climate has transitional character between maritime and continental.
Poland has 4 seasons. Summer is hot but often rainy. Winter is usually frosty but sometimes it is milder and warmer.
World`s tallest statue of Jesus Christ
USA -1912
PL - 2011
EURO 2012
GDP (2011)
Total:$771.658 billion
Per capita:$20,334(USA-$48,386)

Poland- 22nd economy in the world

Poles have won a total of 17 Nobel Prizes (more than Japan, China, India, Australia) including 4 Peace Prizes and and 5 in Literature
Max Factor (Maksymilian Faktorowicz) Founder of cosmetics giant "Max Factor & Company" is a Pole.
Other facts:
In Poland the name day is considered more important than the birthday.
Among all the members of the European Union, the residents of Poland marry the youngest.
Most residents of Poland adhere to the Christian faith, with a little less than 87% belonging to the Roman Catholic Church.
The Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters. Here they are:
We also use some diphthongs to express the consonants which do not have a one-letter representation in the alphabet:
sz cz dz dż dź ch
oil rapeseed
Roman Polanski
1 EUR = 1.24 USD
1989 - fall of communism
minimum wage -
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