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Part1: How we see

No description

Ally Hoppingq

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Part1: How we see

Sight and Stuff You probably already know that our eyes do A LOT of work for us. Without them, day to day activities would be difficult. The cornia provides most of the power of the eye
The iris controls the amount of light entering the eye
The lens controls the bending of light rays to an image on the retina
The retina senses light and changes the image
The pupil is the black circlular opening that permits light to pass through to the retina
Optical Illusions trick your eyes!!!
Take a look at these!!! Are the lines straight or crooked? Is it moving??? Is this possible?? Optical Illusions trick the eye AND the brain because the brain is searching for patterns in what you see. The brain receives info from they eye and decodes it to produce visual info that makes sense. With the right colors and shapes, an Optical Illusion is easy to create. 3D is SUPER COOL!!! Ever wondered how 3D worked? Well, it's based on the fact that we have two eyes. Each eye sees something different! You can test this out by covering one of your eyes with your hand. Then try the other one. Weird, huh? On a 3D movie screen, one red image is placed atop a blue image. When you look through blue and red glasses, each eye sees a different image! By Alexandra and Caitlin
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