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WhatIF Innovation Training

a Sales Ultimate Performance Execute Repeatedly Managment

Chalengpojana Buddharaksa

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of WhatIF Innovation Training

SUPERMan. fig. 1 fig. 2 Is
Sales Ultimate Performance
Execute Repeately Managment Target & Assessment Quantitative
-21-24 stores per day effective call (3+ / VAN).
-10%+ sales value increase (in Credit). Qualitative
-Delivery lead time reduction. (-1 day)
-Order/Inventory accuracy improvement.(-2 days)
-Order/Inventory more real time update. (daily)
-Release admin’s resource to do more advantage job.
(Analysis, Collection, Process) Where we are? 1-4 Dec 09 :
First wave implementation at Sunny Group Lopburi.
18 Jan 10 :
Second wave in 3 of 6 Vansales + 4 Credit Sales
2 Mar 10 :
Third wave to fully usage of 6 Vansales.
30 Mar – 4 Apr 10 :
Second distributor implementation with half of sales force. Quick Win - Enforce Salesman work as plan
- Reduce admin work load
- Reduce time consumption in store
- More accurate in money collection
- Able to suggest order for each store Assessment - Interviewed all salesman , they are prefer to use.

- No Effective Call decline found during pilot period. Next Step 22 Apr 10 :
Feed latest requirement to regional.
- Recommend stock on VAN
- Best tool for Credit sales
1 Jun 10 :
100% of Van sales force in WTR will use SUPERMan.
30 Jun- 3Jul :
The 3rd distributor site.
17 May 10:
- Last Requirement Alignment What's innovation? The term 'INNOVATION' derives from the Latin word 'INNOVATUS' which is the noun form of innovate "to renew or change,"
stemming from in-"into" + novus-"new" Although the term is broadly used, Innovation generally refers to the creation of BETTER or more EFFECTIVE that are accepted by markets, governments, and society INNOVATION differs from INVENTION or RENOVATION in that Innovation generally signifies a substantial positive change compared to incremental changes.
Apply for

Innovation Training by What-If!
on Oct 18 – 21
in Bangkok, Thailand C Chalengpojana Buddharaksa Johnson & johnson Thailand cbuddhar@its.jnj.com Source : Wikipedia Pr Product Process Technology Idea
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