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Miranda Bergin

on 24 September 2012

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Functions A function is a relation in which, the inputs are paired exactly with one output. If there is more than one output for a single input, it is not a function. What are functions? On graphs, functions have to pass something called the Vertical Line Test. This test is used to determine whether a relation is a function. If any vertical line crosses the graph more than once, it is not a function. Graphing Functions To tell if a relation is a function when using ordered pairs, look for the X, or "input" values in ordered pairs, if an input value repeats, it is not a function. How to tell if it is a function: Relations A relation is a pairing of the input values with the output values. This can be shown by a set of ordered pairs, where X is the input, and Y is the output. Failing the Vertical Line Test This is an example of "failing" the Vertical line test. Because there are two point on the graph, where an X value has 2 points. Some sets of ordered pairs can be described by using equations. These equations are called "Function Notation". Function Notation
F(X)= 5X+3
Output Values Input Values (F of X equals 5 times the input for X, plus 3)
When a function is written in function notation, the output of F(X) is known as the dependent variable. This is because it depends on the input values to decide what it will be. The input values are known as the independent variable. When these are graphed, the independent values are on the horizontal axis, and the dependent values are on the vertical axis. Independent and Dependent Values
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