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Skill-Related Fitness Milestone One

No description


on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Skill-Related Fitness Milestone One

Skill-Related Fitness Project Milestone One
By: Maha Khan

To improve agility, run through tires as quickly as possible without tripping, or missing a tire. The tires should be placed nonlinear to one another.
For further improvement of balance, walk across a thin wooden plank raised a couple of inches from the ground and continue to elevate it each time you get across.
Alternate bouncing a ball from one knee to the other without letting the ball drop.
Rehabilitation Client
My client for the next several months will be the Rehabilitation client. My client has broken his left leg and is unable to perform everyday activities (such as running, walking, getting up, climbing stairs, and driving) with ease. My client was a former army doctor before being shot in the shoulder while in Afghanistan, so he is well equipped to rehabilitation. Therefore, his agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed is not what it used to be and I will ensure it becomes better than it was before.
If the client does each workout every week, he will most definitely be able to do much more than just simple, everyday tasks. Of course, the SPORT and FITT principles will be used to aid the client. The SPORT principles will be used because the training is designed to meet the client's need, the training intensity will start slowly and gradually progress, it will require more of what the client normally gives, workouts will be done regularly, training includes a variety of workouts, and the duration of the activity depends on the workout.
Walk a mile pulling a wagon weighing twenty pounds.
Reaction Time
An agility ball will be used for this activity. An agility ball has various bumps all over it in different places. Take the ball and throw it against a wall in an open area. The ball will not bounce straight, but randomly and you have to catch it and throw it back before it hits the ground again.
Run half a mile as quickly as possible. Repeat this activity at least once a week to improve speed.
The End!
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