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Unit 17 - Introduction to Expedition Skills

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nile harwood-jenkins

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Unit 17 - Introduction to Expedition Skills

Unit 17 - Introduction to Expedition Skills... Uniformed Public Services (School Links) The Purpose Expeditions all originate from a single meaning of inspiration or Purpose; Part I Part II Part III Mountain Hardwear
Himalayan Expedition Name: Ueli Steck
Birth Date: October 4, 1976
Place of Birth: Switzerland
Primary Sport: Climbing
Specialty: Alpine, Rock and Ice WHat to Pack? Exploratory Expeditions Are carried out to search or travel around new places. Modern day expeditions are often planned with the idea of achieving a "World First". Scientific Expeditions Are carried out for highly valued data or research. Scientific Expeditions Meanwhile in Nepal.... Also in Chad... The North Face
Towers of the Ennedi Expedition

The Team:
Mark Synnott Alex Honnold James Pearson From the Dictionary;

An expedition means to carry out a long journey or voyage undertaken for a specific purpose What is an Expedition? Where Will
take you... Medical Expeditions Are an important source of care and treatment to billions of people all over the world. Medical Expeditions Geographic Expeditions Are often carried out in the far unexplored environments of countries such as; Military Expeditions Are designed to achieve a specific objective either home or a foreign country. Exploratory Expeditions Exploratory Scientific Educational Geographic Military Unit Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the benefits of expedition skills within the public services.

2. Know what needs to be considered when planning a full day group expedition.

3. Be able to positively participate in a full day group expedition.

4. Be able to review the expedition. The Word Expedition dates from the late 16th century, with the meaning of 'speed' and 'purpose'. Photographic Medical Aim:
High Altitude Speed Ascents Aim:
Locate the remote Unclimbed
sandstone towers of the Ennedi Desert Many of the earlier exploratory expeditions were created in search of; Climbing Highest Mountains Entering Deep Jungles Trekking Great Plains Surviving Vast Deserts Arctic &
Antarctic Crossings Navigating the Open Seas Military Expeditions 11:30am 29th May 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay 9th British Expedition First Successful Summit of Mt. Everest This expedition is regarded as one of the most inspiring and greatest achievements of the 20th century From their success companies have been able to develop equipment to with stand these environments opening the door for future expeditions. Science influences the quest for knowledge and pushes boundaries between theory and whats possible. One of the greatest series of expeditions was inspired and funded through science.... Space Race
1955- 1969 Military Expeditions Divided over 3 teams;
14 Army
6 Royal Navy
4 Royal Air Force
1 Royal Marine Tip of the Iceberg..! Scientific research has played a major role in funding of various expeditions.

This is because modern day expeds are often carried out in remote locations, in return for sponsorship/funding they may offer to collect data or small samples from the trip. UNICEF is the world's largest distributor of vaccines to the developing world, supplying immunisations for more than half the world's children in over 190 countries. Are an ongoing process of work for many companies or charities, such as Comic Relief, Red Cross and UNICEF. In 2011 Ewan McGregor took part in a Vaccination mission supported by UNICEF, to remote villages in Nepal. This journey is called a cold chain, because the vaccines have to be kept cold at all times.

If the needles freeze or get too warm, they become useless. Due to the level of remoteness and uncertainty in these expeditions, they are carried out by seasoned, highly experienced professionals. Borneo Democratic Republic
of Congo Brazil Chile Antarctica Kyrgyzstan Papua New Guinea Expedition Skills Preparation Planning Physical Fitness Navigation Communication Leadership Teamwork Confidence Mental
Toughness Self-Awareness Trust The military carry out expeditions for various reasons; Training Exercise Tactical Deployment Advanced Training Fund-Raising Team Cohesion Research British Antarctic Expedition 1910, was led by Robert Falcon Scott with the objective of being the first to reach the geographical South Pole. Robert Falcon Scott
Royal Navy Officer

led a team of five and reached the South Pole on 17th January 1912.
But Roald Amundsen's Norwegian expedition had beaten them to the Pole. In 2012 The British Armed Forces Joined together for an expedition to Antarctica in memory of Robert Falcon Scott's team. The aim of the expedition was to Continue with Scott's plans of a South Pole camp, Continue in Polar exploration and Gather research of the fast melting icecap for Polar Science. Words of the Wise... "The Best Journeys Answer Questions, That In The Beginning You Didn't Even Think To Ask".
- Yvon Chouinard (Founder of Black Diamond & Patagonia) Expedition Skills What are the benefits for people who have these skills? Police Force Expeditions UK Police Constabularies use the Duke Of Edinburgh Award for their Trainee officer and Cadet Schemes. Ambulance Service Expeditions Fire Service Expeditions “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
- Sir Edmud Hilary (1st Ascent Mt. Everest 1953) “I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.”
- David Livingstone (Found the Source of the River Nile, Africa) “Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.”
- Sir Edmund Hilary (1st Ascent Mt. Everest 1953) Why Do you think they would be useful to the Public Services? Why do the Public Services go on Expeditions.... The Duke Of Edinburgh is a course developed to give young people experience in both the wilderness and community environments. First Aid Navigation Team Building Problem Solving Leadership Communication Volunteering, Physical Fitness, Expedition Planning

Developing practical and social skills.... Time Management Expedition companies often hire Doctors or Nurses to help if people become seriously injured. Mountaineering doctors climbed to the top of Everest in 2009 to take blood in experiments to aid the treatment of critically ill patients. To learn more about the body in extreme situations so new treatments can be developed for patients in intensive care. Treatments for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), cystic fibrosis, emphysema, septic shock, 'blue baby' syndrome and other critical illnesses." Map of The Four North Poles In temperatures of minus 50 degrees, he will pull his supplies on two specially designed sledges for 685 miles to and from the Arctic Pole - a trip which is expected to take him 70 days. If he is successful, he will heading back to the Arctic later in the year to embark on a 1,000-mile trek to the Magnetic, Geomagnetic and Geographic North Poles. Fire Service Expeditions in 2006 Jim McNeill a Fireman for 16 years in Berkshire left his job. For Polar Exploration..

And the aim of completing
two separate achievements. You can track Jim's progress at ice-warrior.com Things to Consider Whilst Planning an Expedition Cost Weather Forecast Maps of Area? Route & Destination Terrain Transport Land Access Group Equipment Food & Drink Supplies Time Frame Emergency Contacts Contingency Plan Personal
Kit Medical Requirements Dietary
Needs Funding Passport & Visas? Team Size Cost - How Much do you have? Summit Mt. Everest

£35,000 (Per Person) Local Park/Woods

£0.00 (Totally Free) Transport - How are you
getting there? Maps of the Specific Area Personal Kit - The Essentials Route & Destination Weather Forecast - How Will You Know The weather may well be completely different from the time you have planned the expedition, to the time you carry it out. Land Access Emergency Contacts You should always leave emergency plans and information with people who are separate from the main expedition. flights to another
country? Minibus for large
Team? Walking the
Distance? Cycle Power? Checking long range forecasts or asking local people for advice about "the right time to go" can help. Is the area of the expedition off limits or do you have public right of way? Whether its Base Camp or Mum at home. They need to be contactable at all times for the duration of the Expedition. Equipment Packing the right equipment is an essential part of the expedition planning process. Up Next..... It is always wise to allocate as much time as possible for checking equipment, to ensure that you remember everything you need. Equipment packing takes time - Don't Rush it!! Think about what you need for specifically and stop from that point. Use the activities planned on the expedition to guide you in equipment choice. Layered Clothing Layered clothing is a way of dressing using multiple items that are worn on top of each other. Ideal - Layering System Appropriate Footwear The Backpack Choosing the right pack for your exped, has now been made a lot easier with companies creating endless designs and shapes for your every need. How To Pack A Backpack Creative Backpack Pick An Expedition you would like to take part in Food Supplies Equipment - Known Activities? You may be able to make use of certain items in other ways, or for different activities all together.
(This would save a whole lot of space) This allows for flexible clothing to match the needs of each situation. Two thin layers can be warmer yet lighter than one thick layer, because the air trapped between layers serves as thermal insulation. Outdoor and sports wear manufacturers favor layered clothing because, it allows them to offer specific layers of clothing which are optimised for the particular demands of an activity. Base Layer - Soft Shell (Wind Proof) - Insulation - Hard Shell It is essential that you pack the correct footwear for your adventure.. Whatever the activity look after your Feet..!! You should consider...
Trip Length, Equipment Size, Clothing Space, Food Space, Overall Weight. Backpack Diagram Why The Exped Lifestyle? http://roadtripnation.com/JimmyChin Video Link Jimmy Chin;

Professional Climber
11 Year Veteran of The North Face Athlete Team Draw up a Kit list for that Expedition/Activity Map out the kit inside Backpack design of your choice Describe why you chose each piece of kit How much do you need? 4 - 6 hours 4 - 6 Weeks http://www.mammut.ch/packinglist From the video.... Safety in Expeditions What safety measures do we need when planning an expedition? Safety Requirements Every expedition will encounter hazards, which roughly need to be identified/predicted Beforehand. Environmental hazards e.g. steep terrain, deep water, bad weather, wildlife • Removal of the hazard.
• Increasing the amount or quality of training.
• Modifying the design of the activity or fieldwork task.
• Substituting an alternative exercise, experience or route. Today's Task 1. Clearly understood Layout with pictures/signs

2. A 'safety ethos' recognised by all participants.

3. A set of effective and easily understandable safety procedures applicable to the circumstances of each expedition. World Challenge;
Expedition Support World Challenge Expeditions The main hazards fall under the following headings: Health hazards e.g. endemic disease, AIDS, polluted water, poorly prepared local food. Human & behavioural hazards e.g. temper, violence, robbery, kidnapping and behaviour brought on by fatigue, stress or drugs. Activity hazards e.g. moving on deck under sail, swimming, lead climbing, spontaneous games and competitions. Safety Requirements Safety Requirements Travel and camping hazards e.g. driving, travel on overcrowded public transport, hazards of fire in camp cooking. Control Measures To Create a Expedition Safety Poster Use the 3 points below to help; http://www.world-challenge.co.uk/pages/safety-video.asp World Challenge is a trusted organisation with over 22 years experience.

We help over 4,000 students travel safely to over 50 different destinations every year. We are there to support you and provide you with initial expedition advice right through, from launch of expedition until the team returns home. Jimmy Chins reasons for living this expedition lifestyle was totally against everything he had done so far.. At first his family didn't like the idea of him not using his education, and living out of his car. But once they saw his motivation and level of commitment they were very supportive, and he is now highly successful. Make a list of safety issues that you know of.. Think of your expedition (earlier on in the unit)
What would you need for people to be safe? Today's Expedition Cuillin Ridge Planning The Route Planning The Route Equipment Lists... Your Partner will be bringing half of the safety equipment needed, plus his own personal items.

List 10 Essential items you think will be needed for yourself: Packing for the Expedition Make a note of the techniques or packing aids that are in use. End of Packing Section... A 3 day Winter Mountaineering trip to the Scottish Highlands.

A two person attempt on the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye. At a Height of 992m (3,255 ft) the "Alpine style" Ridge is the highest point in Skye. Starting at Grid (51 , 22)

Finishing at Grid (47 , 28) Measure the Length of the Route Choose a place to rest for the night about half way (near water) Estimate a Time for this Route What will you eat? What will you wear? Safety Equipment? How will you
know the way? Luxury Items? Whats your favourite piece of equipment seen today and why? How do you feel about packing expedition equipment and kit? Would you be confident in packing your own supplies for a trip away? Control Measures Protecting people, equipment or the environment more effectively.
Maintaining efficient communication within the group.
Supervising an activity more closely or more efficiently.
Giving the expedition a step by step safety check.
Investigating thoroughly any incidents, near-misses or accidents that happen. http://www.ukclimbing.com/news/item.php?id=67900 Recent Expedition News Unit Guidelines I.D. Badges

No Food or Fizzy Drinks

No Mobile Phones



Dress Appropriately (Classroom / Outside)

Take Notes (These are all the Answers you'll need)
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