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student led conference


Ebony Hughes

on 10 September 2009

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Transcript of student led conference

Our Crue PYP Reading This term the people in my reading group is Caroline, Alex, Sanushki, Olivia and me.
My group finished The Forest of Silence then we started The Jungle Book but it had alot of old language like thou, thee, yee and a lot more. It was too hard and didn't make sence so Mr Kemperman asked us if we wanted to start a new book and we all said yes. so now we are reading charlie and the chocolate factory. Bilum
Ba But's Up!!! A but's up activity is where you are in a group and you have one peice of paper in the middle. Then you all right as much as you can about the question or topic. Our questionwas WHAT IS THE STRUCTURE OF THE EARTH. Huli Girl Math's Olympaid This term we have done two Maths Olympaids.
In both of them I got 4/5 I am very proud because they are a bit hard. But the last one we did couple of weeks ago was very very hard so we stayed in a lunch to finish it.
I love doing Maths Olympaid because it is fun.
Camp This term we went to Coonawara Farm for camp.
It was a lot of fun because we did giant swing, flying fox, hut making, canoeing, Horse riding, high and low ropes, team rescue and a lot more. After we came back from camp we had to do a piece of writing about camp. You could do any type of writing but I kind of made mine own one up. It is the way all three dogs, Ally the mother, Gus the father and Earl the baby saw our camp. Literacy Math's Explanation This term we learnt about explanation.
An explanation is like a procedure but an explanation has more details. What we had to do was write an explanation about whatever we wanted. Mine was how to make a spider (the drink). Once we were finished we sent it to Mr Kemperman and he wrote comments on the side. mum and dad Earn & Learn Earn and learn isfun but it can be a bit stressful. Me and scott are bank manages of WSK bank which stands for World Stewart Kemperman bank. As a bank manager I do a lot of things I do loan for people who want to start business or in scott position where he wants to buy a house for $178,000 and goesn't have mutch money. When people want to withdraw or deposit money scott normally does the formes and then I am on the computer filling the details in the online banking. The people in my class can only get on to their online banking but when I go on to Mr Kempermen i can get on to every's one. scott Me Bank Manages SK springs shopping
centre girls french Une Journée Typique
Une Journée means my day.
what we had to do is write what time it was and what we would do we could make up a time table or you could do are day. Believe Contract
Huli People Student
Conference The
End thanks
coming Meg Alex We had to write a pyp atitudes and PYP learner profile for each person in my class. camp this term we went to camp coonawarra.
My favourite activity was hourse riding here are some photos.
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