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Gabriel And Jam

Gabriel And Jam

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Gabriel And Jam

Gabriel And Jam
James Owens broke the barrier of racism
Wilma Rudolph broke the barrier of pneumonia and polio
Tom Dempsey broke the barrier of disabilities (he had no toes or fingers on his right side)
Michael Oher broke the barrier of poorness
Simon Keith broke the barrier of adversity (he had a heart transplant)
Bethany Hamilton broke the barrier of getting bitten by a shark
Opinion Evidence
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens Was Lucky
When Jesse was in 5th grade, the athletic superviser asked him to join the track team''

''A number of universities actively recruited Owens''

''but was soon approached by promoters who wanted him to race against horses and cars''

''In 1937 Owen lent his name to a line of cleaning shops. They prospered until 1939''
Opinion Wilma Rudolph Evidence
Wilma Rudolph was Lucky
''She was born prematurely, weighing only 4.5 pounds-
-and the doctor doubted she would survive.''

''Track Coach Ed Temple of Tennessee state university-
-saw her, thought she had potential, and recruiited her''

''Her father told the track coach that the Rudolph were a package deal''

''Wilma Rudolph was greeted at home by a parade''
Play is essential
''Play not only excersices our bodies, it excersises our mind''

''you must learn to get along with your teamates and share responsibility

''why do so many of us watch sports and have a favorite team? Studies show that it fills both emotional and psychological needs
Jesse Owens
Wilma Rudolph
Born with a disibility
African American
hanged names when he was young(which lead to confusion)
wore a foot brace
Track Racers
had pneumonia and poli
Faced Hitlers rage
Lent his name to a line of cleaning shops (which got him broke)
she didn't start school until age 8
Was a sickling child
Barriers Broken By Athletes
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