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EconBiz Open - Search for Information in Business and Economics

Introduction to the use of EconBiz Open

Tamara Pianos

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of EconBiz Open - Search for Information in Business and Economics

He searches for: part time work Search all databases and document types enter search
terms Oups. So many titles ... An asterisk * at the end of a word searches for all possible endings if you tick here, full-texts ar searched as well, not just title descriptions. search synonyms as well Tim is looking for free full-texts for his master thesis. Tim finds instructions on how to reduce his results list in the help texts. Search Find more List of results 1.
use filters 3. ask questions 2. Sort result list, ... access full text bookmark title Document type, here: book / Working Paper 1. Refine Results List with Filters Find recently published works. Who published a lot on this subject? filter by
subject Refine by genre: textbooks, statistics, dissertations ... 4. Ask questions: EconDesk Write your question The chat dialogue appears here. Chat is available Mo-Fr 10.00 - 17.00 (CET). Use e-mail at other times. sort Tim narrows down the search to the subject: USA Tim asks EconDesk on how to look for statistics. Tim creates a bookmark list. He could send it to his
e-mail account, 3. Edit Bookmarks and send List 1. go to bookmarks 2. print or send bookmarks EconBiz Open helps him discover: - which journal articles, books, working papers etc are freely available on his topic,
- a link to inoformation on licensed and printed material on his topic. Wow! Now I can start reading and writing. Search EconBiz Open Special Features in EconBiz: Find more, find events... Lisa is writing her dissertation thesis. She wants
- a complete overview on everything concerning her topic ,
- to stay up-to-date,
- to present her work at conferences etc. Search for Events Lisa is looking for events in order to present a paper of her findings. Enter search terms Or: browse by topic (JEL) or country. http://open.econbiz.de/ EconBiz to go The full version of EconBiz
is also available
- as a free iPad and iPhone App
- as an Android-Phone App
- on Facebook
- on Twitter
- as a browser search plugin
and much more. Great, now I can focus on my thesis. You want to know more about EconBiz? Subscribe to the EconBiz newsletter. or
ask EconDesk! Send us your feedback: info@econbiz.de Find less Quotation marks around individual words make a phrase The terms must stand next to each other in the results. Tim also refines the result list with filters. Lisa would like to find as much as possible on her subject. If EconBiz Open does not
cover enough Click here to find the respective list in the full version of EconBiz. It shows you licensed and printed publications in addition to free online publications. 2. see results and
bookmark them Lisa also wants to find printed and licensed publications. or... ...if he registers, he can save the
bookmark list within EconBiz.
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