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Media Institutions

No description

megan white

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Media Institutions

By Meg White What is it? What do they do? Audiences The importance of technology Media product producers and advertisers must strategically market their media products in able to attract the maximum amount of people within their target audience. For example, Nintendo may pay ITV (a powerful media institution) to play their advert in the breaks between X-Factor. X-factor is a well known talent show that appeals to families. Therefore, Nintendo may choose to advertise their Wii (a family based game console) in the X-factor break in the hope that families watching X-factor will see their product and want to buy it. A media institution is a large company that owns many other media based companies. For example, Disney (one of the biggest film creators ever) owns many other smaller companies such as Disney–ABC Television Group, Disney Online, Disney studios and much more. Media institutions are very large, wealthy
and powerful companies. This means that they fund the smaller companies they own without struggle. However, with this funding comes power, as they will control what the smaller companies do and how they are represented to the public. As Disney is a well established, professional institution, any small company owned by them will be seen as professional
by customers/the public. Media institutions control the amount of people their message appeals to. They can broadcast their message which means that they're aiming at a mass audience. They can do this through a mass medium such as television or radio. Alternatively, they can go for narrowcasting which means targeting a specific audience with their message. In order to convey their message to their audiences, technology is thoroughly used. Technology is a platform for media institutions to use whilst distributing media content. These technical platforms consist of radio, TV, mobiles, the internet, magazines and more. Media Institutions Marketing
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