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manal saleh

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Fatigue exists as the direct cause of approximately thousands crashes in the world each year.

Additionally, drowsiness is a major
contributor to driver

We choose this project because a device that could prevent many injuries, fatalities, and monetary
losses associated with these automobile accidents would
be very beneficial to the welfare of our society.

The main object of our project is to warn the driver before the accident happened,thus we can save lives and minimize any losses that may result.

our project based on sensing the
between driver's head and driver's seat by using a special sensor. If he sleeps, alarm sounds will be heard.
The alert depends on additional factors, including: the
of the car, and
driving period
at night or during the day. These factors define the alarm mechanism in term of sounds, lighting, and speed of response.

Block diagram.
Bluetooth Module HC-06.
Light-Emitting Diode (LED).
Is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it.
Its used to warn the driver in the
dark case”night”.
Push button.
It is a simple switch mechanism for controlling some aspect of a machine or a process.

Its used to restart the system.
Its is an audio signaling device used to give a voice as a sign of the beginning of the system. And thus the system starts taking required readings.
its a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that forms an
adjustable voltage divider.
Its used to measure the speed of the car.
The Arduino-Uno is a microcontroller board
based on the ATmega328.

Its used to analysis data that received
from ultrasonic, LDR, and potentiometer sensors.
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.
Ultrasonic sensor generate high frequency
sound waves and evaluate the echo which is received back by the sensor.

Its used to measure the distance between the driver's head and the headrest of the car seat.
Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD).
We have used 16 by 2 alphanumeric display.
Its used to show the project's parameters distance, speed, and light case. These values received from Arduino-Uno.
The Bluetooth Module Breakout is the latest Bluetooth wireless serial cable.

Its used as interface receives data from Arduino and sends it to smart phone. The communication occurs with
mobile Bluetooth.
Light Dependent Resistor
We have used 2 Nine-volt batteries to give the energy to the system .
Smart Phone.
Its used due to supporting android language where it was connected with the Arduino and received information from it.
Then warns the driver and prevents accident .
It’s a photoresistor whose resistance decreases with increasing incident light intensity .
Its used to sense the light case and determine whether it's day or night.
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor
with Arduino-Uno.
LCD with Arduino-Uno.
Final circuit.
The circuit
Android Software.
Arduino-Uno Software.
Smart Phone.
Practical circuits
Bluetooth Module HC-06 with Arduino-Uno.
Sensors with Arduino
In our project, we programe using Arduino Software (Arduino- 1.0.6) program.
Program contain two main parts:
Void Setup () : Initialize system
Void Loop () : Indefinitely, implement all instruction in this part.
An Android application that designed
in the form of a mobile app
through the program (App
Inventer ) to be used by mobile
for alarming the driver.
Sleep Driver Warning Application :
Arduino-Uno Flowchart
Android Flowchart
Sleep Detector.
Ayat Ahmad.
Tasnim Baker.
Walaa Shahrour.
Bluetooth Client
Starting the application.
Sad face.
Normal case.
Sending error .
Happy face.
Open the Bluetooth
Application's interface
Android Code
Android .
We have designed a system for protection
from traffic accidents, and we implemented
our idea which contains following features:

We followed a new technique that wasn’t
used before,without changing in the internal
car installation.
System had a high efficiency,we could get
the desired result without the possibility of
easy to deal with, it didn’t need a lot of experience
Simple form for device that didn’t
disturb the driver, and made it eligible for use at any vehicle.

Low cost of production, which made the product cheap.
1. We consumed a great time to study the solutions proposed previously to resolve the problem.

2. We consumed a great time to find the idea that avoid the negative aspects of previous systems, and contains new features.

3. We used a new programming languages which we don't deal with them before.

4. We faced many problems in the design and implementation of the desired shape for the product.
5. Despite all the advantages achieved by the system, but it has a negative one which restriction in the driver's motion a little bit. We have worked to mitigate this problem by offering several options, such as :
a. Vehicle's speed fit with the time which the alarm will start.
b. Giving more freedom space of movement, with ensuring the safety of the driver.
1. Improvements to the overall shape of the system.

2. We can run the front and rear car's lights when the driver sleeps, in order to warn the other cars to the gravity of the situation.

3. Installing special sensors on edges of the car, and thus in the danger case we can make the car stops and lines up alone in the right place without damage.
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