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Functionalism, The New Right, & Postmodernism

SCLY1 topic 5

Hannah Burton

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Functionalism, The New Right, & Postmodernism

Nuclear Family is natural, with other family types causing the problems for society. Generous Welfare benefits encourage deviant family types
A modernist, sociological perspectives that seeing the nuclear family with the division of labour based on biological differences, and so it is uniquely suited to industrial society
Chester (1985)
Chester argues although there is increased diversity, the nuclear family remains dominant, changing from the conventional family to the neo-conventional family
The Rapoports
The 5 types of family diversity:
Life Cycle
Beck (1992)
Beck sees society as a "risk" society where people have more choice so they take more risks.

Also, the patriarchal family has been overthrown by...
Greater gender equality

The Negotiated family is not fixed but varies with the members wishes, although is less stable because..
There is more emphasis on individual needs
Individuals can leave their needs are not met.
There is no dominant family type
There is now more choice in relationships and so more diverse family structures
Postmodernism vs The New Right
Postmodernists reject the New Right because...
Diversity is good as it allows people to choose their relationships
"The Family" covers many different forms
Functionalism, The New Right, & Postmodernism
The New Right
Male Breadwinner &
Female Housewife
Both spouses are Breadwinners
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