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Tupperware Brands

Corporate Plan

Michelle Onishi

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Tupperware Brands

Tupperware Brands Corporation Presendted by:
Michelle Onishi
Ferrinando Mendoza A decade after starting business in the United States, Tupperware expanded into Europe. By 1965, the company had a presence in six European countries and then launched in Singapore, Japan and Australia. Tupperware also had sales offices in Africa and Latin America before 1970. Since then Tupperware Brands has expanded to almost 100 countries around the world under its seven brands Tupperware, Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics and Nuvo. Tupperware Brands Corporation was founded as The Tupperware Company in 1946 in South Grafton, Massachusetts by Earl Tupper. In 1958, Tupper sold The Tupperware Company for $16 million to Rexall and the company's headquarters were moved to Orlando, Florida. In December 2005, Tupperware Corporation changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation to reflect the company's increasing product diversity. The core of Tupperware's product line consists of design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. Tupperware also has an established line of kitchen cookware and tools, microwave products, microfiber textiles and gifts. From its traditional kitchen and home lines, such as the Modular Mates* and FridgeSmart* Containers and Tupperware* Tupperware Brands Corporation, is a global direct seller of premium, innovative products across multiple brands and categories through an independent sales force of 2.7 million. Economic Analysis the Company competes in the food storage, serving and preparation, containers, toys and gifts categories. Through its beauty and personal care brands, the Company also competes in the skin care, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances categories. Tupperware Brands History Company Profile Corporate Social Responsibility Armand Dupree, Inc. comes from the successful growth of the well-known brand of the same name. A leader in Mexico for 28 years, its success has crossed borders and today is found among the leading direct selling brands in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and the Philippines, among other countries.

Now it has arrived in the United States with 9 categories and more than 1,000 products, which include cosmetics, fragrances, skin care, personal care and home, among others.

Armand Dupree, Inc. is part of the International Beauty group of Tupperware Brands Corporation, which offers a wide variety of cosmetics and other highly desirable products throughout the world. Avroy Shlain has excelled in developing leading-edge beauty products since Avroy and Beryl Shlain founded the company in 1973, developing and marketing a small range of high quality skincare. More than thirty years later, Avroy Shlain is one of South Africa's leading direct selling cosmetic companies. It now offers a full spectrum of quality products including skincare, body care, sun care, color, fragrances and inner care. BeautiControl is an internationally recognized beauty company offering personalized service, scientifically advanced skin care and premium quality cosmetics. As the first direct sales company to bring the Spa experience into the home, BeautiControl is known as the #1 Premium Spa Brand.
Throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, BeautiControl provides premium products and services, unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to change women's lives.
For over 30 years, BeautiControl and its almost 100,000 Consultants have chosen to conduct their business with integrity, honesty, humility and honor and live each day empowering women to dream with confidence.
BeautiControl is a member of the Personal Care Product Council (Formerly CTFA).
Fuller Cosmetics* – with 100 years of experience in the world of beauty has won the prestige and the confidence of their consumers, becoming one of the most important enterprises in direct selling. The personalized treatment with warmth and friendliness that our company has offered in all of these years constitutes one of the reasons for its success in Mexico and South America.
The commercialization of cosmetics, fragrances, and articles for the home which Fuller Cosmetics manufactures with maximum quality, innovation and advances in technology, offers to thousands of women the invaluable opportunity of becoming a Fullerette, forming your own business.
Our success is the result of a strategic vision which at each step studies, evaluates and responds effectively to the dynamics of the market, aware of its competitive advantages. NaturCare is a network marketing company with a 43-year history of satisfying consumers' needs for daily use products of exceptional quality and value for money; our products are environmentally friendly and meet the needs of the whole family.
Nutrimetics helps you discover your optimal beauty and well-being with their extensive range of naturally enriched products, developed to care for and indulge your skin and senses every day.
Nutrimetics prides itself on taking the finest that nature has to offer and perfecting it through the latest cosmetic technology, to deliver you a unique and superior beauty experience.
Whether you are looking for premium quality skincare, luxurious spa treatments, stylish colour cosmetics, elegant fragrances or everyday body care, Nutrimetics has a product to suit.
Nutrimetics is committed to consistently bringing to market innovative products, with leading edge technology that deliver proven results, for our Consultants and customers.
The Nutrimetics business opportunity is unrivalled, empowering people from all walks of life to establish their very own business, while inspiring and guiding them towards achieving personal growth and success.
Nutrimetics…Proud Tradition, Bright Future. Nutrimetics has a product to suit your needs. Nuvo Cosmetics was founded in Uruguay in 1984. Nuvo has developed into a dominant player in the Direct Selling industry servicing a population of 3.2 million people. According to CUVEDI, the local DSA to which Nuvo belongs, the company had a 49% share of market, within the Direct Sales industry, at the end of 2005.

Nuvo sells five major product lines: beauty, fashion, Tupperware, bed and linen, and household products through a network of over 17 thousand independent sales representatives (“Consejeras”, Counselors). We offer over 500 products which are regularly displayed in two high-quality brochures, one for beauty and fashion and the other for Tupperware, bed and linen and household products in 19 sales campaigns per year. A single catalog is used for special occasions such as Mother's Day and Christmas to fulfill consumer needs.

Nuvo Cosmetics has a strong internal culture based upon teamwork, with an emphasis on creating an earning opportunity for women of all ages. We are a learning-oriented organization with strong ties to the community through social programs, mostly aimed toward our children. Market Segments After a decade of success in the United States, Tupperware expanded into Europe. In 1963, the company had Australia.a presence in six European countries and then launched in Japan and Tupperware also had sales offices in Africa and Latin America before 1970. Since then Tupperware Brands has expanded to almost 100 countries around the world under its eight brands Tupperware, Armand Dupree, Avroy Shlain, Beauticontrol, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics and Nuvo. Market Segments Board of Directors Committee Composition Vision To be the premier global direct seller of premium, innovative products Mission We are passionate about changing lives, especially for women by Enlightning, Educating, and Empowering

We provide our customers with high quality innovative products brought to them through an informative & entertaining party.

We provide our independent sales force with a pathway for personal development and significant earning opportunity.

We provide our associates with an opportunity to develop and utilize their talents and skills and to be recognized and rewarded for it. How we can get there?

Changing Lives…One at a Time

Tupperware Brands' growth comes from its worldwide sales force, and for over 50 years we have made an unwavering commitment to Enlighten, Educate and Empower women and their families across the globe. We are passionate about changing lives and instilling confidence in every one of our nearly 3 million sales force members. Vision & Strategy Our values are the foundation of what we believe and are passionate about achieving.

We provide life-changing and personal development opportunities to our sales force and associates, allowing them to realize their potential, achieve success and gain confidence.
We strive to do what is right in our words and our actions.
We hold ourselves accountable to our associates, sales force, consumers and investors.
We are committed to developing innovative opportunities, products and solutions.
We are a diverse global family and believe our collective energy and values are critical to the company's growth.
We reward and celebrate achievements, milestones and passages. Values Strategic Blueprint • Developing innovative products with great design

• Creating entertaining selling situations

• Offering our sales force compelling earning and leadership development opportunities

• Employing dynamic direct selling fundamentals External Factors Evaluation (EFE) Matrix Competition Direct Competitor Comparison Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) Company Analysis Financial Highlights

• Increase share repurchases and raise dividend by 20%
• This marks the third consecutive year of double-digit dividend increase
• A healthy growth in share price during the year that led to a total shareholder return of 18.5%.
• We grew our sales force during the year and ended 2011 with 2.7 million independent sales consultants
• Sales were up 9% in local currency which translated to a Tupperware party (or beauty spa) starting somewhere in the world every 1.5 seconds!
• Emerging markets grew sales 16% and contributed 59% of total sales
• Strong double digit growth in many emerging markets
• Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Venezuela, all grew over 35% during the year. Balance of Emerging and Established Markets Income Statement Balance sheet Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) The Internal-External Matrix Market Penetration Product Development -Seeking increased market share for present products or services in present markets through greater marketing efforts. -Seeking increased sales by improving present products or services or developing new ones.

Tupperware Brands should expand more intensively into other countries. Focus on its expansion of Beauty in Latin America, and expand in countries with huge potential (France, Germany, and India) and other untapped potential countries while engaging in a more aggressive marketing efforts and continuously improving current products to satisfy continuous changes in customer needs and wants. These strategies will be executed to increase Tupperware brands’ relevance with operational and financial discipline.
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