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Language and Communication Styles of Men and Women

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Vanessa Wagener

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Language and Communication Styles of Men and Women

Language and Communication Styles
of Men and Women Do Females and
Males Communicate
Differently???? Boys' childhood friendships tend to focus on what? A. Talking
B. Activities
C. Profanity
D. Relationships Which gender of physician talks more to patients? A. Female
B. Male
C. There's no difference
D. It's impossible to tell Typically, which is a goal of a man's e-mail?

. A. To be seen as supportive
B. To apologize
C. To make suggestions
D. To be seen as an expert Answer the questions correctly and receive a prize! Woooh During a discussion, how do women generally position their bodies?

. A. At right angles to others
B. Facing each other
C. Sprawling out
D. Side by side What do men offer instead of

. A. Handshakes
B. Critiques
C. Censure
D. Complaints In order to appear in charge, what nonverbal action might a man perform? A. Taking up space with their bodies
B. Tapping his fingers
C. Keeping his arms and legs closed
D. Touching someone's shoulder During childhood, do boys or girls tend to play in larger groups? A. There's no difference
B. It's impossible to tell
C. girls
D. boys Why are men concerned about apologizing?

. A. It might not be accepted
B. It might make them subordinate
C. It might make them angry
D. It might be laughed at On what do men focus when trying to solve problems? A. Facts
B. Emotions
C. Experiences
D. Discussions If a man doesn't often make eye contact during a discussion, it probably means what? A. He's sleepy
B. He's bored
C. He's daydreaming
D. He's concentrating Why do men tend to ignore feelings during an argument? A. They are concerned with being right
B. They are too angry to listen
C. They don't care about others' feelings
D. They are focused on their own emotions If a man cannot get his way quickly, what will he do? A. Argue as long as it takes
B. Remove himself from the conversation
C. Raise his voice
D. Ask questions Women talk more than men in what setting?

. A. Work
B. The home
C. Formal setting
D. Social setting + Men = bold and straightforward

+ Men interpret questions as disapproval

+ By apologizing men are worried they might appear inferior

+ Boys focus more on activities + Women are more concerned with the feelings of others

+ Talk more when in groups or in a more comfortable environment Stereotypes cause people to have a certain view on certain aspects of the way men and women communicate Men's language and women's language appear to have the same words, but the way they use
these words gives rise to different meanings. It is shown in both The Awakening and modern times that men communicate in a way that asserts their dominance and superiority, while women communicate in a more tentative manner that helps them form a connection with those around them, one in which they can manifest their freedom in their communication. Let's relate this to the Awakening! + The Men in the Awakening were condescending to the women "Why my dear, I should
think you'd understand
by this time..."(68) + Women in the Awakening were expected
to listen to the men "His wife [Adele] was keenly interested in everything he said, laying down her fork the better to listen"(75). + Men and women can't relate to one another "[Victor] couldn't think of telling Mrs. Pontellier all about it, she being a woman and not comprehending such things" (81). Lens #1: Journalism + Boys fighting vs girls fighting

+ Men speak to women as if they are uneducated

+ Women's changes to language
+ Evolutionarily men had to be dominant and women had to be nurturing

+ Men like women who speak tentatively

+ Therapeutic fad in the 1970s Journalism The Talk of the Sandbox; How Johnny and Suzy's Playground Chatter Prepares Them for Life at the Office by Deborah Tannen (found in The Washington Post) + Physical force
+ Yelling + argue their reasoning
+ compromise How does this relate to the Awakening? + Edna goes out and she is questioned by her husband and yelled at.

+ “I found their cards when I got home; I was out.” Leonce is furious and exclaims, “out!” 68).

+ Leonce talks to Edna about her responsibilities

+ Once Edna realizes her husband will not listen to her reasoning or compromise, she becomes silent + Women innovate language
+ Not as accepted Lens #2: Science + Men had to establish rank and status as a hunter
+ Women had to nurture children Lens #3: Entertainment + Exposure to media desensitizes the masses Lens #4: Literature + Feminine Styles of Writing
+ Masculine Styles of Writing Virginia Woolf Thanks for your Time :) + Paul Theroux By: Vanessa Wagener, Isabella Williams, Allison McNerney, Jill Romanosky, Karah Parks, Jessie Gentile Please write your name on the index card that has been passed around and put it in the hat! Each of you have one lifeline... Adams, Douglas. "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Harmony Books. 1979.
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+ According to Jim
+ Sexy Bitch The Dick Van Dyke Show
+ Rob=patriarch=final say
+ Laura=voice of reason
+ “A man is a man, even if he is a husband, and that at no time as a man or as a husband should he ever be his wife’s puppet…a woman’s opinion should be weighed and considered, but in the final analysis, a man has to do what he thinks is right or he is no man!” (Purvis). According to Jim
+ "blatantly sexist comments" to achieve humor
+wife's witty counters
+ modern couples argue, men have upper hand Sexy Bitch
+ Casually using derogatory words
in lyrics
+ so frequently used=desensitizes
+“I'm tryna find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful
Damn girl, Damn you'se a sexy bitch”
(David Guetta feat. Akon)
+different reactions Beloved by Toni Morrison "...strikes me as insulting and abusive"

"the manly attitude...seems to be... a recipe for creating bad marriages,... sadists, latent rapists."

"...it is on the contrary an unmerciful and punishing burden." "[Upon killing it] I acted in self-defense. Had I not killed her she would have killed me. She would have plucked the heart out of my writing." Choose your specific lifeline from the hat "Shivering, Denver approached the house, regarding it, as`she always did, as a person rather than a structure. A person that wept, sighed, trembled, and fell into fits. Her steps and her gaze were cautious ones of a child approaching a nervous, idle relative (someone dependent but proud" (35). Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams " "A dark featureless mass once more filled the screens- the planet rolling away beneath them, They watched for a moment in silence, but Zaphod was fidgety with excitement."
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