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No description

Peyton Thornburg

on 26 September 2014

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Grendel the Monster
The Hero Who Saved Our Community
As day after day the music rang loud in that hall, the harps rejoicing...
How was the Mead Hall Destroyed?
Grendel, the great monster who comes from the depths of hell, took everything away from us. He took the lives of our people as if it was nothing. In the middle of the night, he invited himself in and awoke our men with his greedy claws. He completely slaughtered them, even letting their blood drip behind them as he carried them back to his lair. Delighted with himself, he continued to do this every night. He completely destroyed our mead-hall, our only place of comfort and relief. Our people lived in fear for so long... afraid of Cain's son, the one who took away everything that they loved. Restoring the mead-hall is the only solution to regaining the lost trust of our people.
410 AD
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Sooner The Better
Help Is Needed Now
Why is this mead hall so important?
History of the Mead Hall
Our Community needs help building a
new mead hall. The mead hall to the
left is what the new mead hall will look
like. This mead hall is bigger and
more extravagant than the mead hall
(shown in the section titled "The old
mead hall"). The mead hall is the center
of our community and is where we
come together to celebrate, mourn, eat,
and share our feelings. It is our
sanctuary, where stories are told and our
safe-haven in time of need. Without our
mead-hall, our community won't survive.
We need your help to bring it back so that
we can restore a place that brings
us all together as one... a place that we
can once again call home.
The mead-hall came about in Europe. It was a
gathering place for the community, where the rulers
lived. The warriors faithfully served them in order to
receive gifts from their gracious leaders. This was
essential to their way of living because it's what kept
them as one. It's how they connected to better
understand one another. The same concept applies
to our mead-hall.
Just when we thought we couldn't handle anymore, our hero came to the
rescue. Beowulf, the only one courageous enough to take on Grendel, saved
us all. He came up with a plan to trick the monster. He and fourteen of his
men pretended to be other warriors sleeping. However, what Grendel didn't know, is that the men weren't sleeping at all. In fact, they were wide awake... waiting for the beast. Other warriors' swords wouldn't even put a scratch on Grendel, but Beowulf put quite a hurting on him. Being the courageous man
that he is, he only used his hands in his battle with Grendel since the
monster had no weapons to fight with. Using his extreme strength Beowulf
was able to rip Grendels' arm off as the crowd of soldiers watched Grendel
run away for the last time.
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