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Theodore Boone: The Abduction

The best book report ever.

Tyson Kralis

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Theodore Boone: The Abduction

Characters Theodore Boone-Son of Woods and Marcella, April's best friend
April Finnemore-Daughter of May and Tom,Theo's best friend
May Finnemore-Technically married to Tom, mother of April
Tom Finnemore-Has a band,technically married to May, father of April
Woods Boone-Married to Marcella,father of Theo
Marcella Boone-Married to Tom,mother of Theo
Ike Boone-Theo's uncle Beginning Present day Strattenburg, 9:15 pm was the last time April spoke to Theodore and at 3:30 am April's mother realized she was gone. No windows broken, no doors unlocked, nothing. When Theo arrived to the Finnemore household in the morning the police were already there asking questions to May Finnemore. No one knew if April was kidnapped or if she ran away because she was nervous that she was home alone. The only question Theo could ask himself was if he would ever see April again. 830 Lexile range
3rd person narrative
has a mystery/thriller genre
loneliness is the universal theme
conflict is man vs. man About the Book Theodore Boone : The Abduction Author: John Grisham
Presentation by:Tyson Kralis John Grisham
born 2-8-55
first book was
"A Time to Kill" in 1984
has a wife named Renee and two kids named Ty and Shea
is 57 years old
majored in accounting at Mississippi State University
gets to the point fast, you usually hear whole conversations in his writing, and has unique vocabulary About the Author Middle As every one worries in Strattenburg the police figure out that April had a near relative that broke out of prison and is in the Strattenburg area. Theo has some sort of relief when the police find the delinquent that broke out of prison and arrest him. The toughest cops in town asked difficult questions to find if he will tell where April is, but he would not say a single word. No progress on the kidnap of April Finnemore and Theo is still investigating. Ending Since Theodore's parents are on a business trip Theo is going over to his friend's house to spend the night. A couple days before though Ike Boone tells Theo that the police may have the wrong person and the person who would have kidnapped April is her father. After that piece of information Theo has discovered, they do some research to find where Tom Finnemore's band is playing. Theo and his friend figure out that Tom's band is playing in North Carolina, so Theo, Ike, and his friend go on a road trip. They make it to North Carolina and found April, but they might have a tough situation trying to get her back home. Will Theo be able to get April back to Strattenburg safe and sound? Other Books by Author Bleachers, The Racketeer, The Firm,
The Litigators, A Painted House, and Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer Thank You for Watching! This presentation was brought to you by Tyson, Prezi, and the respective companies who made the pictures.
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