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Paper Towns by John Green.

No description

Carolina Balderas

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Paper Towns by John Green.

Paper Towns By John Green!
John Green is the young adult novelist who wrote Paper Towns. He has also written The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska. Paper Towns was published on October 16, 2008 by Dutton Books.
Quentin "Q" Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman have been neighbors since they were little kids. Now they're seniors in high school... They don't talk as much but Q has this huge crush on her. One random night, at about midnight, Margo is at Q's window dressed like a ninja.
Margo asks Q if he would help her on a mission for revenge. He kind of refuses at first since he's a goodie goodie but he finally agrees and Q has the best night of his life. But what happens when Margo runs away and leaves clues for Q to find her...?
Character Study
Quentin Jacobsen is the narrator of this novel and it is told from his prespective. Q has had a huge crush on his neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman, since they were little. They kind of seperated in high school...
Character Study(Cont.)
Margo Roth Spiegelman is Q's neighbor/crush. She is one of the popular girls at their school but she was a mysterious girl to all. Margo is described as dark brown haired and she has bright blue eyes.
Character Study(Cont.)
Q starts hanging out with these band geeks, Ben and Radar, and Q becomes a nerd. He is so focused on his future and he has everything planned out... That is until, Margo comes back into his life and changes everything.
One big theme in Paper Towns would be to chase what you want in life, no matter what is left behind. For example, Q and his friends skip their graduation to go find Margo in part three of this novel. They left behind not only their family but their senior graduation just to find Margo.
Another big theme of Paper Towns would be not to expect so much or so little of a person. Radar says "What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person." For example, Q trys to get Ben to be more like him and just concentrate on Margo.
The last big theme in Paper Towns would be you should always have a little adventure in your life. Q was just focusing on his future and he was so serious of college until... Margo came back into his life and brought some fun and mystery into his life.
Important Quotes.
"The town was paper, but the memories were not."
This quote means that even though the town and everything is messed up, the memories will never leave or be forgotten.
Important Quotes(Cont.)
"You will go to the paper towns and never come back." This was written by Margo but Q found it when him, Ben, and Radar were looking for her at the minimall. I think this quote means that Margo just wants to be left alone...
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