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100 Years of my life:

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Tanveer Randhawa

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of 100 Years of my life:

100 Years of my life:
I started middle school in 2011 at Sunny View Middle School. Things went great with meeting new people, meeting new teachers, and learning new things. At the end of the year in grade 8, I applied for the International Baccalaureate program and hoped to make it through. Another important thing that happened in 2013 was that; I got braces! I had them from grade 8 until grade 10. Also, my first bhangra competition was on August 25th, 2013 at The Rose Theatre!

I had majored in Pediatrics from McMaster University and after 4-6 years of more study, I had finally accomplished my goal of becoming a Pediatrician.
After my vacation extravaganza, my parents brought up the idea of a marriage again. This time I didn't refuse. I knew that I needed to move on with my life, and have a family of my own.
On February 11th, 2026, I got married. He was Sikh from tradition, and a pure punjabi from heart; just what I wanted. Our wedding was a traditional punjabi wedding. Starting from food to the way we dressed, It was totally magical, and I loved it.
The kids started high school. They grew up fast. They followed our footsteps and got an admission into the International Baccalaureate program themselves. One wanted to become a bio-medical engineer, and the other wanted to become a pediatrician, just like me.
The kids traveled across the nation, to the United Kingdom and attended Oxford University. Great minds, great experiences and learning opportunities.
Good news came to our family. We were about to become grandparents! We traveled to Vancouver to meet our daughters 10 day old son, stayed there for a while, and left to Australia, where our son had established his new business. His wife was pregnant and gave birth to triplets.
Both the kids were in places where they were happy, with their families and such.
We took a whole family vacation with the kids and the grandchildren to India. Both Saniya and Arshaan loved visiting back home, it was a great time!
Though we got a lot of bad news in life, we retired happily into a penthouse in the heart of New York City, and kept visiting the family in Australia, Vancouver, India, California, and Houston.
On January 27th 2000, 9:15am, in Patiala, Punjab India, my mother gave birth to a daughter. Weighing 9 pounds, fat, heavy, and chubby I was, but on the other hand I was really cute. Everyone loved playing with me, but when it comes to picking me up, everyone regretted it after a while. I was the first child of the family, and I honestly brought smiles to everyone's faces.

Years went by, and yet growing up, and spending my childhood in India was about to change. On September 11th 2003, we came to Canada. New country, new experiences. I started off from kindergarten again in Larkspur Public School the very next year.
I honestly looked more like a guy when I was young.
Yup, now you should understand what I meant by...
saying that I was really chubby...
Honestly, one of my most...
favourite pictures!
First day of school in Guru Nanak Foundation Public School.
First bestfriend; Dilpreet Deol.

Grade 1
September the 28th 2006, when I was in grade one, my mother gave birth to my baby brother.
Elementary School went great! Made a lot of memories including grade 4, when I broke my arm.
After 4 great years in Turner Fenton S.S, I graduated in 2018 and moved on with my life. Next up was going to University. September of 2018, I started my University years at McMaster University. My first year in University, I spent my days on campus. As the next year came by, I considered moving to any close by apartment or basement. I also got my license just before high school ended.

My parents started discussing the talk of getting married soon, and I never fought with them because of it. Honestly, now I am more than glad that I had gotten married. Though right then, at that same time, I wasn't ready to get married. I needed some more time to myself, since I had gotten out of a lot of years in University. So, I talked to my parents and we postponed the idea of a marriage.
September of 2013, I started high school in Turner Fenton Secondary School in Mississauga. We had moved just that same summer to Mississauga, which gave us easy access to TFSS, and Sheridan College/University.
That same year, I decided to get along with some of my long lost mates from Middle School, High School, and possibly even from University. I had lost connection with some of them, but the ones I still talked to, were the ones that I got together with. I went on different vacations with everyone for a week each.
With Jaspreet, we traveled to Paris. With Harleen, we traveled to Miami. Last but not the least, with my parents, we traveled to the Bahama's, and Italy.
Later on the very next year, I found out that I was pregnant, I gave birth to twins; a girl and a boy.
The rest of the years were spent by with the twins growing up. During this time my Pediatrics office was back in business after my marriage. We stayed in Canada, though we thought of moving.
We named them Saniya and Arshaan.
Just another normal day, we participated in the weekly lottery of 75 million dollars, not knowing the outcome. As they announced the winner, we were surprised...We had won 75 million dollars!
We decided upon how the money will get spent, and we decided to give 5 million dollars each to our parents. My parents retired happily, and went on their dream vacations. I was really happy for both sides of the family. We gave away 15 million dollars to the OICR (Ontario Institute of Cancer Research), and bits saved up for our kids futures, and saved up the rest for later use.
Both twins graduated from University and established their own business across Canada. But it was time to get them married. Saniya was willing to marry her 'love of her life' and we talked to him, and decided that love marriage was open for both the kids. Saniya got married first, while Arshaan waited a while because of his business opportunities. Both their weddings were beautifully done, and both were happy.
Divorce wasn't an option in our family, and so it stayed that way.
Seeing the grandchildren grow up was a memorable experience. All 4 were just as smart as their parents and grandparents.
We still had a few million dollars left, so we decided to give some more to the OICR (Ontario Institution of Cancer Research), and gave some away to Saniya and Arshaan for their children's futures.
We both lived a healthy life, and it went just the way I wished it to have been.
It's my 100th birthday today, and our life is going beautifully. The children are growing up, the grandchildren grew up into young adults, and in a few years count, there will be talks of their wedding. They have a wonderful life coming towards them. I thank my parents oh so much for everything they did.
I became well known for some of my inspiring quotes that I wrote in my free time back in the years of my grandchildren.
My brother and his life is going really well too! Though he's not an oldie like me, hes only 94.
Oh well, old is gold what they say! May more years bring happiness into my, and my families life!

2033, was the year my brother got married. Waiting very patiently, I became an aunt to a baby boy, belonging to my brother and his wife in 2035.
With Harleen in Miami, we went sky diving and scuba diving; something I always wanted to do!
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