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No description

Jordan Stobbe

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of SLC|4D

Site History Purpose Building on Assets Flows Grows Glows Plan Shows Programming Corridors Conclusion “I love the history and the architecture of the old buildings” “Why I love downtown? It’s un-definable, but I do!” “We have so much to offer; nice people, a beautiful city, world class ballet” “Today I was thinking about how much I love all the trees along Main Street.” “I think Main Street in and of itself, in terms of architecture and feel, provides a unique feeling to the area. It is something that is historical, something that is not necessarily modern in marketing, but has a unique flavor that is Salt Lake.” “I don’t know what it is, Main Street looks uniquely different than any other area of Salt Lake, I don’t know if it is the trees… but I think the buildings and landscape should be emphasized.” “I enjoy four seasons, the old architecture and all the people are very nice!” “ I love the downtown feel—there are always people walking by and people to talk to.” “I love all the walks of life on Main Street—tourists, businessmen, and shoppers.” “It feels like a real city… but I would love to see more sidewalk dining, I think that would add to the downtown feel.” “We don’t get the Days of 47 Parade or St. Patricks Day Parade anymore [on Main Street], the parades used to bring more foot traffic.” “what is significant and important is that there be a unique experience and feel to the space [blocks 69 and 70].” “I think you could do a lot with artistic lighting.” “Try to encourage pedestrian crossings between blocks so people don’t see blocks as a barrier to getting somewhere.” “We need more food and activities on Sunday” “we need more activities in the winter and at night time” “I would love to create a more urban feel, and definitely make the area more walk-able.” “the historic architecture should be restored. It is such a shame to ruin all of our beautiful history.” “We need something to get people to slow down and linger on Main [Street]—enjoy the architecture and views.” “More lighting at night creates an enchanting feel, and would hopefully encourage businesses to stay open later.” “I think the area would benefit from more residential buildings and somewhere for people to congregate and just people watch, if nothing else.” “Any and all art [we can add] is great!” 1. Flows

2. Grows

3. Glows

4. Shows Highlight the assets of the site
Encourage people to go there and stay there
Help the site serve as a connector between other blocks downtown
Strive to make this a place for art and culture 24-7/365 Programming
Space Sharing on Regent Street and in parking garages
Sidewalk Activation
Ordinances for street performers
Facade Improvement
Store Front Beautification
Regent Street Planning Build on current assets on site
We want to encourage more foot traffic and longer stays
We hope our programming will make the site a connector to other areas of the city
Art and culture to continue and grow Plan View Main Street West Temple State Street
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