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Making the Transition: Middle School

Simple tips for parents to survive and thrive during the middle school transition!

Patty Kim

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Making the Transition: Middle School

The "Middle Years" 2. Connect your child with outside social circles.
(sports teams, community clubs, fellowships, etc.)

3. Create routines for your child.
(Even for the summer to prep them for what's to come!) The middle school years are a critical period in your child's physical, emotional, social, & academic development! Tips to Survive (& Thrive!) Making the Transition 4. Connect with your child daily.

*Lead with open questions:

what, how, tell me about...

*Have honest conversations about changes they or you have been noticing. 5. Create a study space.

6. Monitor use of electronics & social media

7. Communicate with teachers, counselors, and administrators! (*BUT also teach your child to advocate for himself/herself) We are excited for you to join the AMS family!

Any questions? Research consistently shows:

Parent involvement is the greatest predictor of student academic success and personal well-being. alderwood middle school
counseling department 1. Identify & alleviate common entry fears of 7th graders. Practice with a combination lock

Mark on a school map important locations (classes, bathrooms, lunch room, etc.)

Review student handbook + expectations
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