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There Should Not Be Zoos

No description

allison phoebe

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of There Should Not Be Zoos

They have shorter lives.They have shorter lives than they would in the wild.They take the animals, and in a couple of years they die.It is sad to say, but when the animals get taken to a zoo they are only there for a couple of years.The animals get stressed and forget how to hunt and live the way they would in the wild.In the wild they live 50-70 years older than they would in zoos.The animals have nothing to do because the workers at the zoo do everything for the animals.So they sit there doing nothing.
Wednsday,March 5 , 2014
By: Phoebe Kemp
stressed animals
They are board and stressed. When the animals get stressed or board they pace.When they pace in zoos people think they are trying to amuse us.But really they are board out of there mind.The poor animals have to live like that 24/7.It is really sad, that is one reason why they don't live long in zoos.Sometimes they go crazy and have to be given a special kind of drug to keep them from trying to hurt themselves OR ANY THInG. The animals get so board, they start to tear holes in there own skin.They try to hurt themselves because they are so board.
There Should Not Be Zoos
In my opinion there should not be zoos. There should not be zoos because the animals are going crazy being locked up all day. The animals should not have to suffer just because we want amusement. The animals have done nothing wrong so they should not have to suffer the way they do.
They live like prisoners.They are locked up behind bars.They are in creates and cages.They are in cement rooms all day so board.They have glass walls and people point and laugh at the poor animals. The animals don't understand why they have to suffer because they didn't do anything to us.They are forced to move because we humans destroy their homes by making buildings and roads.We don't think of the animals that have to move because of our foolishness.
In my opinion there should not be zoos.There should not be zoos,because they don't treat animals the way they are supposed to be treated.They treat them like a non-living thing .They don't get any freedom.They treat the animals like slaves.They don't have any room to play.The animals should not have to live like prisoners.They should be free in the wild.I'll be happy when zoos become extinct.
NO ZOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thumbs down to zoos!!
no zoos
boo to zoos!
love the animals
People treat the animals like a piece of junk!
save the animals
They don't deserve this!
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