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Liberty by Julia Alvarez

No description

jordan king

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Liberty by Julia Alvarez

Liberty by Julia Alvarez
Plot Development
exposition: the narrators father brings home a puppy that the mother does not approve of
Rising action: The narrator gradually grows up with the dog and the parents are thinking about moving to America
Climax: The parents decided to move to the United States.
Falling action: The narrator witnesses her house getting demolished inside.
Conclusion: The narrator gives up Liberty
Setting: Mexico,1957
Point Of View
The point of view in the short story Liberty is told in a first person narrative, context clues to this is the narrator uses the words "i" and "we" this contributes to the theme by not being all knowing or explained by another character in the story.
Character definition- The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual, or a person in a novel, play or movie.
"Mami seemed absent and tense and always in tears"(Alvarez 187)

Theme definition-The central idea or insight revealed by a work of literature.
Theme of Liberty- The importance of freedom we should not take for granted.
"All i can do is hope that when we come back-as Mami has promised we will-my Liberty will be waiting for me here."(Alvarez 190)
"I'm going to tell you a little secret,'' she offered now. You're going to find Liberty when you get to the United States."(Alvarez 188)
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thought provoking questions and vocab
why do you think the people were destroying the house?

why did Mami despise "Liberty" so much?

why do you think she was not allowed to bring "Liberty"
admonitions: scoldings,warnings
inconsolable: unable to be comforted, brokenhearted
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