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Copy of Quickbreads and the Functions of Ingredients


Carolyn Elbert

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Quickbreads and the Functions of Ingredients

QuickBreads They are quick to make and usually take an hour or less to make unlike yeast breads Why were quick breads given their name? Let's learn their functions! Functions of quick bread ingredients Structure or framework
(Contains gluten) Flour A substance present in cereal grains, esp. wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough What is Gluten? Enhances the flavor Salt Makes the bread rise
(baking powder or baking soda) Leavening Agents Flavoring, browning, and sweetness Sugar Adds moistness to activate all other ingredients (also flavor and nutrition) Liquids Tenderness and Flavor Fats(oil, butter, shortening) Binds together; flavor and nutrition (protein) Eggs They get tough (tougher texture); also creates tunnels & holes in the bread What happened when you over mix and handle quick bread mixtures too much? Carbohydrates What is the main nutrient found in quick bread? Bread/grain group To which food group does quick breads belong to? Tender; Flavorful; Slightly sweet; Gently rounded top; Even texture (no holes) List the characteristics of a perfect quick bread?
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