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No description

Chelsea Polyvore

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of Polyvore

Yes, you. I want you to know something. YOU are beautiful. Just the way you are. Hey you. Lately, there has been quite a lot of hate on Polyvore. Why, you ask? "POLY-LARITY." The answer is... But what exactly is "poly-larity"? Some say Polyvore is all about expressing yourself. Some say it's all about faves. Just because someone feels differently towards a certain subject, Doesn't make them a bad person. That's something I think we should ALL realize. There WILL be people in this world who disagree with you. But that's just what makes our world special. Yes, I know that sounds pretty cheesy. But it's still true. What would the world be like if we were all the same? It would be BORING. Nothing would be unique. Nothing would be original. So, now that you've heard all that, Think before you tell someone they're wrong. Put yourself in their shoes. How would YOU feel? Okay, I promise to stop boring you now. But I thought we could all use a little reminder. Whether you make high fashion, Preppy, Hipster sets, Or anything in between... Just remember that... YOU are YOU, and that's something no one else can be. But don't forget to respect others. Because if you respect them, They will respect YOU. And then maybe someday... I said MAYBE. Everyone on Polyvore can get along. Hah, yeah right. What was I thinking? Well, it was worth a shot. You may carry on with your life now. Au revoir!
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