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wayne thiebaud


azucena ortiz

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of wayne thiebaud

Thiebaud was born to Mormon parents in Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A.. Wayne Thiebaud (born November 15, 1920) a bird Wayne Thiebaud sundaes In 1960, he became assistant professor at the University of California, From 1938 to 1949, he worked as a cartoonist and designer in California and New York. Cake Window (Seven Cakes). 1976 Banana Splits From 1942-45 Thiebaud served in the U.S. Army Air Force in Special Services where he created a newspaper cartoon strip and worked on murals, photography, and map projects. “Wayne broke his back playing football in his junior year of high school,” and “kept himself busy by drawing.” One summer during his high school years he apprenticed at the Walt Disney Pictures Walt Disney Studio making 'in-betweeners' of Goofy, Pinnocchio, and Jimminy Cricket making $14 a week. WaYNE THIEBAUD lipstick In 1949, he enrolled at San Jose State College (now San Jose State University) before transferring to Sacramento State College where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1951 and a master's degree in 1952 His family moved to Long Beach, California when he was six months old. He served as an artist in the United States Army Air Force from 1942-45. an American painter whose most famous works are of cakes, pastries, boots, toilets, toys and lipsticks On a leave of absence, he spent time in New York City where he became friends with Willem De Kooning and Franz Kline and was much influenced by these abstractionists as well as proto pop artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. "Thiebaud's paintings of food and consumer goods, which first emerged in mature form in 1961-62 have become such a familiar part of our art historical landscape that the risks they first posed can easily be taken for granted. ICE CREAM As a young man in Long Beach, he worked at a cafe named Mile High and Red Hot, where "Mile High" was ice cream and "Red Hot" was a hot dog.[ In 1963, Thiebaud turned increasingly to figure and landscape painting. COUNTY CITY On October 14, 1994, he was presented with the National Medal of Arts by President Clinton. On October 14, 1994, he was presented with the National Medal of Arts by President Clinton.

One of Thiebaud's successful students from Sacramento City College was renowned artist, Fritz Scholder (1937–2005) who went on to become a major influence in the direction of American Indian art through his instruction at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico (1964–1969).

wayne My opinion about Wayne Thiebaud is that he is a great artist and that his art is more like what people use or need in life so i picked him because he is very nice art work and he inspired me of his personality of how he puts it in his work.
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