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Bethany Burton

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Decisions

Proactive Decisions
Proactive people always think ahead when it comes to making decisions. They also will think about possible problems and how they will solve them if they occur.
Decision Making
You make decisions every single day! Sometimes they are big decisions, and sometimes they are small decisions.

Our decisions have long-term effects on our life. What we do now, can affect us as adults. (Making bad grades may affect your chance to get into a good college).
How Are Decisions Made?
Some decisions are PLANNED DECISIONS. Remember to weigh out the facts before making a decision.

Sometimes someone else or the circumstances make the decision. This is called a DEFAULT DECISION.

How Are Decisions Made?
Chapter 6 Section 2
IMPULSE DECISIONS are when you hurry and take the first choice available.

EMOTIONAL DECISIONS happen when you pick the choice that feels good without thinking it through first.

RESISTANCE DECISIONS happen when you pick the choice that will have the least possibility for conflict.
Make Responsible Decisions
Make sure you use good timing when making decisions. Don't rush so you don't regret your decision later.

Consider all consequences!

It's ok to make mistakes.

Ask advice.

Take responsibility for your actions!
1. Name the different ways decisions are made.

2. Explain what can happen if you choose not to make a decision.

3. Identify ways to make responsible decisions.
Vocabulary Words




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