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Terrorism and Its Effects

No description

Jose Perez

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Terrorism and Its Effects

Terrorism & It's Effects
A Jose Perez Presentation
I did this in like 4 days, so it's not the best.
What is it?
There is no single definition everyone has unanimously agreed on because terrorism is subjective (pov). This is Carsten Bockstette's definition (summarized): "Terrorism is defined as political violence with the intent to use fear and the media to send a message in order to reach a short, medium, or long term goal(s).
Some governments see terrorism as an act of violence that wasn't allowed by a government. This definition isn't universally accepted because it denies the existence of state terrorism (*cough* North Korea *cough*). Each act of terrorism is a "performance" that was planned to affect as may people as possible. One of the ways terrorists do this is by attacking symbols. Usually, these symbols will fit into the terrorist's hated part of the world. (WTC-capitalism;Columbine-jocks) By attacking these symbols, terrorists can cause anti-terrorist actions that will polarize (magnet) a group of people.
using information technology to plan and carry out a terroristic attack(disabling networked emergency sytems)
Types of Terrorism
Civil Disorder-
a type of violence that interferes with the peace, security, and normal functioning of the community
Political terrorism-
violent, criminal behavior designed to scare a group of people for political purposes (revolutions)
Limited Political Terrorism-
it's the same as political terrorism except that limited terrorism doen't work to take over a state
State Terrorism-
a nation that takes its authority from using acts of terror to control its population
the intentional release of chemicals or diseases to generate fear and send a message
Nuclear Terrorism-
anyway a nuclear device coud be used as a terroristic weapon (attacking nuclear facilities, buying nuclear weapons, or other ways of dispersng radioactive materials)
The History Of Terrorism
One of the first terrorist groups were the Sicarii Zealots, a Jewish extremist group. The word terrorism would be used to describe The Reign of Terror in France. And again in the assassination attempt of Napoleon III in 1858. In 1869, Sergey Nechayev described himself as a terrorist. There are have been many more cases of terroristic attacks since then, so the history of terrorism is always getting bigger.
Boston Marathon Bombing
April 15, 2013 2:49 pm Eastern Time Zone
Now for some recent examples.
During the Boston Marathon, two pressure cooker bombs exploded at 2:49 pm, which killed three people, and injured 264 others.
April 18, 2013 10:48 pm Eastern Time Zone
A shootout between the two culprits and police. One of the culprits was run over by the other in the escape attempt and one police officer died in the shootout.
April 19,2013 8:42 pm Eastern Time Zone
The remaining culprit evaded the police manhunt attempt until he was found hiding in a boat.
Extremist Islamic Beliefs, in addition to reactions to U.S foreign policy towards Muslim Countries
Columbine High School Massacre
Armed with a handgun, a carbine, a pump-action shotgun, a sawed-off shotgun, 99 explosives, and 4 knives, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two seniors, walked into Columbine High School and methodically kill 13 people before killing themselves.
Columbine, Colorado, U.S
April 20, 1999 11:19am-12:08pm
Their grand plan involved a firebomb to distract the firefighters, propane tanks modified to be bombs, and several car bombs.
Oslo, Norway 3:25 pm
Anders Behring Breivik kills 69 people with a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle and a Glock 34,
2011 Norway Attacks
Car bomb explodes and kills 8 people.
Utoya, Norway 5:22-6:25pm
Breivik spent 6 days in Prague to buy his weapons. He didn't buy them there, so he bought them over the course of months in Norway.
He then set up a fake farming company so it wouldn't look suspicious that he was buying chemicals and fertilizer to "farm".
To hone his shooting skills, he visited firing ranges, and countries with lax gun laws. In his manifesto/journal, he stated that he would play MW2 as a training aid. In MW2, he would use a holographic sight much like the one he owned. To cover up his periods of absence, he would say he played WOW.
He built the bomb, placed in the car, parked the car outside of a group of government buildings, and left in a car he left parked there earlier. Then the bomb exploded and killed 8 people.
He then boarded a ferry to Utoya dresed as a police officer. When he arrived, the camp leader there became suspicious of him and called the island's security officer. Breivik killed both of them, then signaled and called people over to him. When he had a sizable crowd, he pulled out his weapons and ammunition, and fired into the crowd. He killed 69 people on the island
In total, he killed 77 people, and worked solo the entire time.
Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Four commercial planes were hijacked mid-flight. Two of these planes hit the twin towers. The third plane intersected the pentagon. Passengers aboard the fourth plane fought the hijackers and the plane crashed in a field,
2996 people died and more than 6000 were injured (holy mofo!)
9/11's Effects:
Fun Facts!
Al-Qaida spent about $500,000 executing the 9/11 attacks
The U.S government has spent $5 trillion fighting back
So, for every dollar Al-Qaida spent, the U.S spent $1 million.
The attacks killed 2996 people
The U.S response killed 224,475 & made 7.8 million refugees
Many governments around the world passed anti-terror laws
The Department of Homeland Security was formed to handle the domestic anti-terror efforts
The Patriot Act
The Aviation & Trnsportaion Security Act
The War on Terror
The Authorization for use of Military forces against terrorists
The NSA was created to combat future terrorism
A rise in hate crimes and prejudices against Middle Eastern Culture
Guantanamo Bay created to house "terrorists"
Luckily for you audience member, there are NO Requirements! There is

age limit

education requirement
no job experience

no physical fitness test
unlimited vacation
no pay
, and
no health benefits
! However, it is a "You get what you put into it" kinda job. If you come into the job with training, discipline, knowledge, money, and the motivation, the only limits are how far you are willing to go.
What Do you need to be a Terrorist?
I like you, audience member, so full of questions. Here are some points I'd like to make, even if they look long.
Every single security department in the world has become increasingly suspicious of the people they protect. Since the words "terrorism" and "terrorist" have negative connotations (elab), they have become labels politicians use to describe each other, governments use to justify how they treat a group of people, for groups that aren't liked, and many other stupid ways. If we define something by the way it is used, terrorism comes out like this: "Anyone doing something that might hurt someone, somewhere."
Terrorism has ended the good 'ol fashioned days of the classic Good vs. Evil wars. (elab) Now, wars will probably be like this: a couple of cruise missiles and drone missiles for a few months or troops on the ground fighting for who knows what against "terrorists", and then leaving with no definite end in sight.
Americans, some of the most prudish (elab), private, anti-government people in the world, let their government spend $2 Billion dollars on a building that would monitor everyone's phone calls and emails, and accepted letting strangers look at your naked body at the airport. And all in the name of safety. But it didn't happen overnight dear audience member. It happened little by little, one failed terror attack report at a time. One replay of successful terror attack at a time.
I'm willing to bet most of the people in this room were under ten when the towers fell, and didn't know what they were doing at the time.(teacher) remembers life before the towers fell, and ever since they fell, the people who remember it live in a "Post-9/11 World". But to all of us that don't remember life before they fell, we are just living in the "world".
Now, society will have to accept that a weird google search will have the cops at your door, a joke or comment might get you arrested, or buying certain items will place you on a no-fly list. Eventually, to avoid trouble, people will hold back the crazy part of their brain that tells them to do that stuff just so they can be "normal". But the thing is, that same part of the brain is responsible for every little bit of creativity that ever came out a human, and is one of the things that makes us human.
How has it affected society?
There isn't a single thing about terrorism that doesn't affect law enforcement. Shortly after the bombs went off in the Boston Marathon Bombing, these guys went searching house after house:
Significance to Law Enforcement
Wait a minute.
The more terroristic attacks there are, the more militarized the police become in order to deal with the growing threat.
What's the military doing there?
Large scale attacks are very difficult to pull off successfully because police are very good at monitoring explosive substances. Not to mention all the money, skill, training, intellect, and discipline that are needed to pull off a large scale attack successfully.
Don't Get Too Worried....
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Counter Terrorism
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