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Great Barrier Reef - water pollution

No description

Daniel Yang

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Great Barrier Reef - water pollution

--Water Pollution-- Great Barrier Reef Water pollution is when humans dump their waste in local waters that ruin the natural environments and killing all sea, land and air animals nearby, destroying things on its path. The polluted waters are sent to our homes to bath, drink and cook with. What is Water Pollution? Dumping harmful chemicals and rubbish and contaminating the water make water pollution in the Great Barrier Reef to happen It is said that 22% of the world’s reef is destroyed by land pollution. Human Impacts on the Great Barrier Reef Effects on water pollution People are also being affected by water pollution since the pollution causes typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery. Scientists also say that although drinking small quantities of water could harmfully give a virus to you. To make the Great Barrier Reef to stop getting polluted, people use treatments called primary, secondary, and tertiary. Whilst primary and secondary removes 95% of the water, Tertiary cleans even more polluted particles in the ocean. Controlling Water Pollution
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