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senior project

No description

Alysia Sambuca

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of senior project

Project Summary Planning Process What's your research paper about? Problems How Sheldon helped me What I Learned Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT? WHY? HOW? I learned how to play
the guitar.
Major& minor chords
The parts of the guitar
How to tune the guitar

I always wanted to learn
because my family members and
friends know how to play.
Its a great hobby to learn when you have time alone. First i talked to one of my friends who is experience in playing the guitar to become my outside mentor
Second i had after school sessions every tuesday and thursday
Thirdly i practiced so that i could remember all the chords and strumming patterns
I would meet with my outside mentor every
tuesday and thursday after school from
4:00pm to 6:00pm at either my house or his.
Scheduled dates in what i was about to learn and practice on the specific lessons so that i could memorize it.
Make time for the guitar lessons homework set aside from school homework.
For the first lesson we would start with the parts of the guitar.
Major and Minor chords Practice, Practice, Practice Huge prcrastinator,I needed to make time for the project because I have other activites to attend to.
My finger tips hurt.
The time my mentor had after school because he's in college he needed time for his studies.
I learned that with hardwork you could accomplish anything if you set your mind on it. The guitar is an instrument that you could be creative with in which you could make your own songs and inspire others to do the same. Its not as easy as it looks, but with practice iv'e become better and better each time.
Connection My research paper was about
how music influenced the culture
of society through the community, politics,and traditions Instruments such as the guitar
made it possible for our community to bond and create relationships with each other.
Sheldon has helped me with opportunies
to experience music through different ways in
the performing arts activites we have.Also by the
preparation for my reseach paper. Senior project:
How to play the Guitar Alysia Sambuca
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