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No description

Kailey Lummus

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Methamphetamine

Street Names: Poor Man's Coccaine (Philippines)
Syabu (pronounced "shabu" - SE Asia ,
Yaaba (Thailand),
Batak (Philippine Street Name),
Bato ,Bato-(Philippine Steet Name),
Batu Kilat (Malaysia, it means shining rocks),
Batu or Batunas (Hawaii),
Debbie, Tina, or Crissy ,
Desoxyn (drug name for meth at the pharmacy) ,
Devil Dust,
Fatch (Mexican Border In The Southwest Arizona Area)
Meth, Speed, Crank, Chalk, Ice (USA) It was used in WWII under the trademarked name Pervitin
Why do they use it?
It does have medial uses
You get low doses and no refills.
18-25 year olds do it the most (US) twice as more as any other age group, women use it because it makes you lose weight. Liver and kidney damage, high blood pressure, heart attacks, dilated pupils, meth mouth (loss of teeth and gums), shortness of breath, jerky movements, loss of coordination... Movie to follow Addictive? 1-3 times if you’re 10-21 and 21+ anywhere from 1-8 times.
Meth gives an extreme high and low
It takes hours to break down HELP! Pacific Hills Treatment Center

Foundations Recovery Network

The first step is to get help
Go to a meth detox center
After the detox is complete go to drug rehabilitation Effects Methamphetamine Category:
Stimulant- it increases physiological and/or nervous system activity in the body Medical use? Legal? Meth Is usually a powder (white, odorless and bitter)
Dissolves easily in water or alcohol
Can be injected, snorted or smoked
Was first synthesized from Ephedrine by a chemist in Japan in 1893
1919 it was crystallized
1943 it was approved for medical purposes for a variety of things
By: Kailey Lummus Bibliography:








http://www.drugrehab.ca/meth-detox.html Price and Penalty Where, purity, who you know, how bad you want it
1/4 gram - $25
1/2 gram - $50
1 gram - $100
8-Ball - $300 (3 1/2 grams)

Penalty: Jail time
10g pure meth- 5 years
100g pure meth- 10 years
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