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Modern Day Slavery...

No description

jadine downes

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Modern Day Slavery...

BY: Shaimaa & Antonella
The basic definition of slavery is the state of being a slave or the practice or system of owning slaves. It is also a condition of having to work very hard without proper pay or appreciation. However slavery did not end with abolition in the 19th century.
Contemporary slavery, also known as modern day slavery takes many forms, from women forced into prostitution, to child slavery in agriculture supply chains or whole families working for nothing to pay off debts.
Slavery thrives in almost every country. Forced labor, people trafficking, debts and child marriage are all forms of modern-day slavery that affect the world's most vulnerable people.
- raising awareness: people to become more aware and engaged in the issue and to understand how they can help
- signature & likes: this will mean people supporting our issue and spreading the awreness
We have created a petition in the hope of...
this is a screen shot of a petition we created. our aim was to get at least 100 signatures. i would say this method has worked effective as a large amount of people are being informed at once.
Brazil was the last to abolish its participation in the transatlantic slave trade, in 1888 – millions of men, women and children are still enslaved.
Women make up the majority of those being exploited – 55% are women and girls, and account for the vast majority of sexually exploited people. Children make up a quarter of all those in slavery.
statistics- facts
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