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PICKING Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption Chapt

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TaShawna Jackson

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of PICKING Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption Chapt

NG COTTON: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption Chapters 13-19

Chapter 14:
Ronald Cotton is reunited with his family.
He feels like a burden on his family because he doesn't have a job and wants to get his life together.
Ronald is invited on the Larry King Live show to express how he feels.
Ronald gets a job at LabCorp where he met the love of his life Robbin at and also a job at Golden Corral.
He also started taking classes at the Alamance Community College to work towards getting his GED.
Ronald and Robbin got married and the day of their reception Ronald's father died.

Chapter 15:
Jennifer did a story for Frontline on PBS which aired in February 1997.
Jennifer finally decides to meet Ronald Cotton.
Chapter 16
Jennifer and Ronald meet at First Baptist Church of Ellon College on April 4, 1997.
Jennifer apologizes and Ronald forgives her.
Robbin expresses her feeling about the situation to Jennifer.
Chapter 19
Jennifer volunteers at SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) as a lay therapist.
Bobby Poole confesses that he committed
the rapes after DNA test proves it.
Jennifer feels guilty and upset for picking the picking the wrong man that raped her.
Ronald Cotton is freed from jail.
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Jennifer meets with Robbin Cotton seperately and explains to her why she didn't reach out and apologizes.
Jennifer writes a letter to Joe Hackney, Dennis Reynolds, and Wayne Goodwin to increase the amount of money Ronald could get back for every year he spent in prison.
Jennifer writes a letter to Bobby Poole about meeting with him face to face.
Ronald and Jennifer began to talk and they met one time with her kids. She trusted him with her kids.
Ronald gets paid $109,150.69 for the time he spent in jail.
Ronald and Robbin have a daughter named Raven.
Jennifer and Ronald travel to Seattle for an interview.
Bobby Poole dies and Ronald sends Jennifer a letter with his obituary in it.
Jennifer and Ronald are invited to Wake Forest University to talk about their case.
Jennifer is asked to come to Texas to tell her story to people during a case involving a man named Gary Graham.
A professor from Iowa State University helped Jennifer liberate from her guilt.
Jennifer and Ronald began to speak at all type of events sharing their story to the world.
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