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FA^3 Forces

No description

Ahmad Zainudin

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of FA^3 Forces

3 Team Members Name: Ahmad Fuad bin Zainudin
Position: Team Leader
Role: Monitor and coordinate
the team Name: Al-Fahmi bin Mubarak Ali
Position: Manufacturing Engineer
Role: Manufacture the car Name: Muhamad Azree bin Ahmad
Position: Graphic Designer
Role: Produces the colour scheme,
help make the portfolio Name: Fara Aisyah binti Said
Position: Design Engineer
Role: Design the car Team Identity Our Main Concept Our will to win Our team name Our team motto Design Concept Shark Bullet Train A hammerhead shark has a cephalofoil that shaped like a flattened hammer. This cephalofoil enables the shark some hydrodynamic capability (similar to aerodynamic capability) as the cephalofoil can cut through water without causing too much drag on the shark. The bullet train is a high speed rail system that serves as the core of Japan’s rail transportation network. It has a streamline body which reduce air friction thus allows it to move at high speed. Its’ head looked like a plane cockpit help to reduce drag at high speed. Research Aerodynamic Aerodynamics is essential in the production of the car. The usage of this concept is to reduce drag and to prevent the car from lifting at high velocity. Therefore, to achieve the best aerodynamics car is to make it smooth and streamlined as possible. Drag Drag is the force that resists the movement of a solid object through a medium. Drag is made up of friction forces which act parallel to the car’s surface plus pressure forces which act in a direction perpendicular to the object’s surface. By minimizing the drag on our car, we manage to reduce the speed drop of our car during the race. Initial Car Design Design 1 Design 2 Chosen Car Design Bullet train body Shark's dorsal fin Shark's cephalofoil Orange: Passionate
will to win White: Protecting
our honour
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