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The Colorado Mint and The Argo Gold Mine&Mill

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on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of The Colorado Mint and The Argo Gold Mine&Mill

The Mint location and the people involved
The Argo Mine Location And The Founder
The Argo Mine & Mill had an Effect on the Economy
The Geography Surrounding The Mint
The Geography surrounding the Mint is Buildings which used to be rail roads and dirt.
The Geography Surrounding The Argo Mine & Mill
There used to be more Miners but to this day They have now made it safer so People can came and go on tours.
The Colorado Mint and The Argo Gold Mine&Mill

The Colorado Mint is located
in on West Colfax avenue. The fonder
of the Colorado Mint is the Clark, And Gruber
The Argo Mine is located in
Idaho Spings ,Colorado. The Founder
James M. Maxwell
The Argo Mine & Mill had an Effect on the Colorado
Economy. I know this because the Gold Rush started and
people started creating a town.
The Colorado Mint had an Effect on the Colorado
The Colorado Mint had an effect on the
Colorado economy. I know this because
The Mint Makes coins so people can buy
things that they need the start a settlement.
Similarities and Differences between the
Mint and The Argo Mine
One difference is that the Argo Mine is more dangerous
than the Mint because of the gas, dust, and getting
closed in with rocks.

One thing that is similar is that they both had a big
effect on the economy because of the Gold
Did you know that the gold rush brought people to
Colorado ?
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